Sign Up to Participate in 2018 AmRRON T-REX with LVA

AmRRON’s 2018 TEOTWAWKI Readiness Exercise (T-REx) will be held on the weekend on July 20th – 22nd. This is a nationwide grid-down disaster training exercise.. This will be an emergency communications training exercise with emphasis on Amateur Radio for use during emergency/disaster situations. If we get enough volunteers, we will staff a command center to practice our own relief efforts for a regional emergency. Only emergency power will be used for the duration of the weekend, unless the scenario dictates otherwise. The command center will run 24 hours per day if we have enough volunteers. If we enough people do not volunteer for that staffing level, then we will not staff the command center at all.

To indicate your interest in participating with the command center, click on the LVA Report Form link in the menu of this website and submit a SALUTE report indicating your interest.  Your report should have the following information:

S -> The number of people whom you are volunteering to help with the command center.

A -> Indicate T-REx Command Center volunteer

L -> Command Center

U -> Your name and the name of any other family members volunteering with you

T -> Indicate what day or days you are volunteering to help

E -> Indicate any equipment that you are volunteering to bring. This could include food, radios, water, cots, grills or stoves, sleeping bags, etc.