LVA February General Meeting

The next LVA meeting will be held on Thursday, Feb. 11th at 7pm at 22202 N Hinzerling, Prosser, in the heated shop — Jordan Hay Shop on Hinzerling, north of King Tull Rd.


1. Sector Meeting 6:30-7:15
(Start times specified by Sectors)
2. Opening of Assembly Meeting 7:15pm
3. General business
    a. Approval of Agenda
    b. Acceptance of January Minutes
    c. Treasurer report
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Program #1- Convention of States
Steven Peck presents the case for a convention of
states to amend the Constitution in accordance with
Article 5.
6. Committee reports
    a. Welcoming -Membership vote
    b. Correspondence -Training schedule
    c. Training -Range Program
    d. Logistics
        -Mylar Bags
        -Wheat Distribution
    f. Safety -Chair vacancy
    g. Events -Progress reports
    h. Sector reports
7. Old Business
    a. Refugee/GFZ petitions
7. New Business – Open
8. Closing of Meeting
    a. Next Meetings
        -Weekly Wednesday breakfasts
        -Round Table 3/1, 7pm, Shop
9. Closing prayer

Program #2 8:45-9:00pm
    a. Medical Bug-out Kit Demo & Sign-up