WA State After Action Report for Cascadia Rising

Washington State has posted a “Final Draft” AAR (pdf) for the Cascadia Rising exercise held in June of this year. That exercise practiced a response to 9 magnitude Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. Selected quotes:

There is an urgent need for residents to prepare
Despite the ongoing public education efforts and community preparedness programs, our families, communities, schools, hospitals, and businesses are not prepared for the catastrophic disaster that a worst-case CSZ earthquake would cause.

The typical response to incidents and disasters begins at the local level –dispatch, fire, law enforcement, public works, etc. Once the local level and mutual aid is overwhelmed, requests for support are elevated to the county, then state, and if required to the federal level. This is commonly referred to as a “pull” system, here the highest level of government pulls up only requests for support in order to respond. Cascadia Rising proved this approach is grossly inadequate

the clock is ticking to a humanitarian disaster.

The state’s transportation, communication, and energy networks which are essential to enable a catastrophic response and thus, saving and sustaining lives, are not survivable

There is no long-term recovery strategy or plan

The ability of the SEOC to collect and process information and act on it was overwhelmed.

Importance of CERT and light rescue teams to Urban Search and Rescue.

Ham radio specific:

Areas of Improvement
1.Emergency coordination centers are not prepared to operate in a degraded communications environment over an extended period.

Analysis: The exercise placed a focus on operating in a severely degraded communications environment which is expected based on the damages modeled to telephone and web-based infrastructure in Western Washington. Several local jurisdictions and the State EOC operated for a period of time without telephones or web-based communications (email, web pages, cloud services). The results were mixed. Some jurisdiction emergency management agencies are equipped with back-up forms of communication, with sufficiently trained staff, while others identified emergency communications as an area of improvement either due to lack of equipment, procedures, or training. For the State EOC, multiple forms of alternate communications were successfully used but procedures for effective interaction between the radio room and operations floor had to be improvised on the first day of the exercise.

At the state level, the successful employment of satellite phones, particularly among key leadership was inconsistent. Amateur radio was successfully employed by many jurisdictions and at the state level on a larger scale then previously experienced in recent exercises. The amateur radio teams are voluntary and their engagement and integration with emergency management offices vary.

Continue training and exercising the professional and volunteer community on alternate communication systems, forms, and procedures.

Amateur Radio:
Emergency management agencies and their amateur radio support teams need to establish a habitual relationship and engage with each other on how ARES/RACES can support in both activations and drills. For a few jurisdictions, this engagement merely needs to be sustained. For most jurisdictions, this is an area of improvement. This engagement can be improved through training and drills (emergency managers need to integrate the ARES/RACES teams and provide the material to be used for radio messages); Support and collaboration on the use of formatted digital messages such as the ISNAP form used effectively by many jurisdictions to transmit reports and resource requests via HF radio during the exercise; conducting assessments of equipment and radios and discussionon ways to achieve effective systems as required. The state must develop a state-wide operational communications plan as part of the overarching effort to improve catastrophic planning. EMD should also develop an amateur radio SOP and sustain periodic training and exercises to foster amateur radio teamwork across 13 jurisdictions. Cascadia Rising demonstrated the need for jurisdictions in Western Washington and Eastern Washington to strengthen their capability to communicate effectively via alternate forms of communication (i.e. not telephone, email).

An Unaware and Compliant Citizenry

From the Wikileaks release of John Podesta email comes an email from Bill Ivey, the former director of the National Endowment of the Arts under Bill Clinton and a member of Obama’s transition team. In this email, Ivey is discussing the danger of Donald Trump.

And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. The unawareness remains strong but compliance is obviously fading rapidly. This problem demands some serious, serious thinking – and not just poll driven, demographically-inspired messaging.

Emphasis mine. “Compliance is…fading.” This is a problem demanding serious thinking, he says. This is what the elites think of American citizens. Citizens are problem who need to become unaware and compliant.

Multi-state Concealed Carry Permit Class Coming

kaeryconcealedKaery Concealed is willing to come down and teach their multi-state concealed carry permit class. We will be assessing interest in this class at our November meeting. Please be prepared to discuss the time frame for holding the class as well as being ready to sign up as we will need to reach a minimum participant threshold to have the class.  Class description follows.

Our master instructors take the confusion and frustration out of the permit process to help you obtain the most advantageous multi-state carry permit(s) for your lifestyle.

This 4 hour classroom-only course (no live fire or test required) far exceeds the application requirements for the most sought after and desired permits in the country. Additionally, this course far exceeds the requirements to apply for an Oregon permit. A multi-state permit does not replace your home-state concealed carry permit.

The non-resident concealed carry permits issued by Arizona, Utah, and Florida are referred to as “multi-state” permits because both permits are recognized by at least 30 states. Please see our FAQ page for a list of states.

Although some people prefer to apply for both multi-state permits, it is not necessary to apply for both. Students typically choose to apply for whichever multi-state permit affords them coverage in the most states possible which is dependent on state of residence.

You will leave the course with everything you need to apply for the Arizona multi-state permit, the Utah multi-state permit, the Florida multi-state permit, and the Oregon permit (Oregon accepts only their own permit – which means if you want to conceal carry in Oregon you will need to apply for an Oregon permit).

Please understand that a multi-state permit does not necessarily or typically negate the need for a home-state permit – see our FAQ page for a detailed explanation.

What is included in the course:
During your course, we do a lot more than just cover the course curriculum, as we also provide: the multi-state applications; three completed fingerprint cards; 2×2 photos; required copies; proof of training certificates for the multi-state permits; training certificate to apply for an Oregon permit; and pre-addressed envelopes.

The only thing you will need to do after taking this course is include the state background check fee, affix adequate postage, and relax while you wait for your permit to arrive in the mail. Please note that the state background check fee is separate from the course and is paid directly to the state — see the FAQ page for details.

Topics Covered:
State and federal laws; handgun operation, safety and selection; ammunition and malfunctions; shooting fundamentals; concealment options and considerations; defensive use of force laws and implications; and many other topics are covered during the four hour course.

Kaery Concealed can also present a concealed carry for women course either on the same day or separately. The costs and formats of that 4-5 hour course will depend on the format desired and the average training level of attendees.

Homeschool Information Pie Social, Oct. 20th

An information session for parents interested in homeschooling will be held on Thursday, Oct. 20th at 7pm, at Prosser Bethel, 270 N Gap Rd, Prosser, WA.  Information will be available on local coop options. There will be area activities for homeschoolers, April Thom of NARHS will be giving a presentation on high school accreditation. There is no charge for the event, but please bring a pie to share.

Excerpt from John Mosby’s “Forging the Hero”




We’ve blogged in the past an interview with John Mosby. He has shared on his site a lengthy excerpt from his book Forging the Hero.  The excerpt deals with the fall of empires and the current fall of the American empire.  Here is just one paragraph to entice you to read the rest.

Therein lies the answer to “so, what?” The masses of the Plebeian class may sit idly by, comfortable in their decadence, blindly hoping for a postponement of the inevitable, satisfied—even as the world burns around them—the the reassurance of their Patrician leaders that “Progress will never cease!” and/or “We’re protected by the blessing of Almighty God!” As people awaken to the visceral reality of the crumbling infrastructure of empire however, more and more people are beginning to feel obligated to act towards the preservation of their traditional customs and values. Any person who values their family, and is unwilling to see their family destroyed on the altar of the invasion of alien, foreign cultural values overtaking our way of life, bears the burden of releasing themselves from the comfortable fantasy that ignorance equals avoidance. They must take up the yoke of the hero. We cannot place the fate of our futures, or the futures of our children and grandchildren, or the legacies of their pasts, in the hands of some ephemeral, fantastic “hope.” We must grab the opportunity presented by the decline of decadent imperial culture and the degeneration of the individual, and “emigrate’ outside the decadence of the collapsing culture, to either rebuild the culture, or—more valuable—to build a new culture that enshrines the best of the old, while being more resilient. The barriers that present themselves are fear and ignorance, but those are walls that are easily scaled and breached.


A book review of Forging the Hero can be found on survivalistboards.com. The book can be purchased through Forward Observer.

Max Velocity Tactical opens Spokane, WA facility

Max Velocity TacticalMax Velocity is a tactical, self-defense trainer and author, a lifelong soldier with extensive military experience.  He runs immersive, scenario based, tactical live fire and force on force training through his West Virginia training facility Max Velocity Tactical. He recently announced the opening of a satellite facility near Spokane, WA.

Introducing the MVT West satellite facility for Max Velocity Tactical Classes. Chris (BIO Page) is the Chief Instructor  for MVT West. It is hosted at the Tier 1 facility near to Spokane, WA. Those attending classes will get site maps and joining instructions. The training site includes a flat range and 60 acres of tactical training land.

Classes currently on offer include flat range based classes, which will be expanding to the full tactical classes as we develop the site.

The first scheduled classes are:

Night Firing is offered as an add-on the the main scheduled class (CRS or CTT), not as a stand-alone. Exceptions may be made for MVT Alumni.

For specific training inquiries for MVT West: mvtwest@gmail.com.

Washington State’s I-1491 Gun Control Measure Is Abominable


From The Politistick

Imagine this scenario: you had a roommate for a while, and he is a fervent anti-gun type. He is also a teetotaler. So, right off the bat, being that you liked to pound some Coors after work and owned a couple of guns, you guys just didn’t click. After some robust arguments, you ask him to move out. Six months later, a police officer is at your door with an ex-parte court order to confiscate your guns for one year, pending a final order…

It will not matter if the respondents in both of the above scenarios are legal, law-abiding gun owners who practice gun safety. Once served an ex-parte order, it is incumbent on the defendant to fight for it to be released, at his or her expense.

For those who do not know what an “ex-parte” court order is, let me explain. Usually, if you want to serve a court order of any kind on a respondent, he or she has to be made aware first. Then a hearing is scheduled. With an ex-parte order, the plaintiff merely goes before a judge without notifying the respondent, and a judge can issue and sign the order right then and there. It is usually for emergency purposes, and that is what I-1491 allows for: an emergency ex-parte order with only the word and testimony of the plaintiff required.

This is nuts. It opens the door to untold “revenge” orders with the plaintiff exposed only to a misdemeanor for filing falsely.

I-1491 is the product of the gun-grabbing group “Alliance for Gun Responsibility”, the very group behind last year’s I-594. It is run by a gaggle of hard-left activists. Just look at their Board of Directors and run Google searches on them. The Alliance for Gun Responsibly is NOT a “moderate” group by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, all the usual suspects in the anti-gun lobby such as Moms Who Hate Guns are pushing the Initiative and have committed massive amounts of money to further it. The typical billionaire anti-gun types like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, (who together made sure last year’s I-594 passed by funneling millions of dollars to pass that Initiative) are all on board with their wallets opened wide.

I find it insanely sanctimonious when folks on the left rail about the scourge of “big money” and in particular, “big corporate money,” when a measure they vehemently oppose finds support by the likes of say, the Koch brothers. However, when an Initiative like I-1491 arises, they welcome all the big corporate money they can find.

There is a word for that. Hypocrite.

Vote NO on I-1491 if you value due process for your rights.

ARRL Hurricane Matthew Frequency Update


These Amateur Radio frequencies are known to be in use or are available for use during the response to Hurricane Matthew. Please avoid interfering with these frequencies, and do not check into any emergency nets unless you genuinely have something of importance to contribute.

Northern Florida ARES Net: 3.950 or 7.252 MHz

International SATERN Net: 14.265 MHz (USB) Health & Welfare Traffic

Hurricane Watch Net (HWN): 14.325 MHz (USB), 7.268 MHz (LSB): Weather data and storm reports from stations in affected area

Federal Government-Amateur Radio Interoperability (Southeast United States (Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina):

5330.5 kHz

5346.5 kHz

5357.0 kHz

5371.5 kHz

5403.5 kHz

These are the suppressed carrier reference frequencies, also known as dial frequencies or window frequencies, for USB voice communications.

FEMA Region 4 in Atlanta will be using the Amateur Radio call sign KF4EMA to allow  FEMA-licensed amateurs to provide situational awareness on various Amateur Radio nets within Region 4 relative to the Hurricane Matthew response.

Cuba (Primary): 7.110 MHz (LSB)

Cuba (Alternate 1): 7.120 MHz (LSB)

Cuba (Alternate 2): 7.045 MHz

Cuba (Alternate 3): 7.080 MHz

Cuba: 3.720 MHz

Cuba: 3.740 MHz

IARU Region 2: 3.750 MHz Emergency Center of Activity Frequency

IARU Region 2: 7.060 MHz Emergency Center of Activity Frequency

IARU Region 2: 14.300 MHz Global Emergency Center of Activity Frequency

IARU Region 2: 18.160 MHz Global Emergency Center of Activity Frequency

IARU Region 2: 21.360 MHz Global Emergency Center of Activity Frequency

IARU Region 2: 18.160 MHz Global Emergency Center of Activity Frequency

VoIP Hurricane Net: WX-Talk Conference, Node #7203 on Echolink and IRLP Reflector 9219. IRLP Reflector 9553 is the backup. (Due to the number of limited routes to the Echolink node for mobile devices, monitor WX-TALK on a desktop computer if possible.)

General Membership Meeting, Thurs. Oct. 13th

The next Regular Meeting of the Whole will be held on Thursday, October 13th, at 7:15 pm at 22202 N Hinzerling, Prosser, with Sector Meetings held as early as 6:30pm (check with your sector lead).


1. Sector Meetings 6:30-7:15pm

2. Opening of Assembly Meeting 7:15pm

3. General business

a. Determination of quorum

b. Approval of Agenda

c. Acceptance of Minutes

d. Treasurer report

4. President’s Forum

a. General notes of interest

5. Committee/Sector reports

6. Assembly Programs 7:45pm

a. Wheat Storing, Preparing and Cooking

b. TBA



Wilderness First Responder Training

wfrFor those who have the time, comprehensive first aid training is a useful asset. The Wilderness First Responder certification is taught over nine or ten days, and is considered a standard certification for those providing first care in remote locations and austere conditions.

The course will be taught in Walla Walls this coming January by NOLS from Jan 6 -15, 2017.

The course will also be taught by Remote Medical International in Seattle this December 9-18.

These classes tend to fill up, so if you are interested in the training register early.