The Lower Valley Assembly is a grassroots movement whose goal is to foster a safe, stable and free community. Our mission is to effect positive, local change in our families, communities, and government. Our lawful and benevolent organization seeks to reestablish our foundation in God, reinvigorate our family relationships, restore lawful government based on our founding documents, and encourage preparedness, communication, mentoring, entrepreneurship, and security.

Focus: God, family, culture, founding documents, preparedness, communication, mentoring, entrepreneurship, benevolence and security.

The purpose of the Lower Valley Assembly (LVA) is to promote the advancement of self-reliance and security within the Lower Yakima Valley in accordance with the laws of nature and the commonly held Judeo-Christian principles by which the United States of America was founded. Fundamental in promoting this stated purpose, the mission of the LVA is the gathering of selected like-minded people to: a) educate ourselves and the community of potential threats to its liberty, peace and tranquility and the principles and techniques of self-reliance and security; b) provide a supportive infrastructure for ourselves and the community; and c) sustain our basic needs and security in the event of prolonged civil distress.


Articles posted on this website are meant to provoke thought among the community and membership. These articles do not represent endorsement by the Lower Valley Assembly.  Articles which do represent an official LVA position will be noted as such in the title or body of the post.

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