Ecuador Earthquake Info


From the ARRL:

Radio Amateurs Asked to Keep 7.060 MHz Clear for Ecuador
Earthquake Emergency Traffic

In the wake of the April 16 earthquake in Ecuador, the Amateur Radio
community is being asked to keep 7.060 MHz clear for “Cadena HC”
emergency traffic. DXpeditions operating RTTY on 40 meters are
requested to keep pileups below 7.060 MHz. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake
has resulted in dozens of deaths and many more injuries.

Most earthquake damage has occurred in the Guayaquil (HC2) and
Portoviejo/Manta (HC4) areas of Ecuador. Well-known DXer Lilian de
Ayala, HC4L, in Portoviejo – the capital of Manabi province – is safe,
but some structures in Portoviejo and Manta suffered severe damage,
with many victims reported to have been buried in the rubble of
collapsed buildings and homes. Electrical power and commercial
telecommunication systems have been either destroyed or knocked out in
the affected area, and hams in the HC4 district have been operating by
using mobile stations or battery power. Many roads have been rendered
impassable because of earthquake rubble.

The Cadena HC emergency frequency is now active and running 24 hours
per day on 7.060 LSB. Hams in Ecuador have been reported very busy
coordinating search-and-rescue activities.

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