Washington State’s I-1491 Gun Control Measure Is Abominable


From The Politistick

Imagine this scenario: you had a roommate for a while, and he is a fervent anti-gun type. He is also a teetotaler. So, right off the bat, being that you liked to pound some Coors after work and owned a couple of guns, you guys just didn’t click. After some robust arguments, you ask him to move out. Six months later, a police officer is at your door with an ex-parte court order to confiscate your guns for one year, pending a final order…

It will not matter if the respondents in both of the above scenarios are legal, law-abiding gun owners who practice gun safety. Once served an ex-parte order, it is incumbent on the defendant to fight for it to be released, at his or her expense.

For those who do not know what an “ex-parte” court order is, let me explain. Usually, if you want to serve a court order of any kind on a respondent, he or she has to be made aware first. Then a hearing is scheduled. With an ex-parte order, the plaintiff merely goes before a judge without notifying the respondent, and a judge can issue and sign the order right then and there. It is usually for emergency purposes, and that is what I-1491 allows for: an emergency ex-parte order with only the word and testimony of the plaintiff required.

This is nuts. It opens the door to untold “revenge” orders with the plaintiff exposed only to a misdemeanor for filing falsely.

I-1491 is the product of the gun-grabbing group “Alliance for Gun Responsibility”, the very group behind last year’s I-594. It is run by a gaggle of hard-left activists. Just look at their Board of Directors and run Google searches on them. The Alliance for Gun Responsibly is NOT a “moderate” group by any stretch of the imagination.

Of course, all the usual suspects in the anti-gun lobby such as Moms Who Hate Guns are pushing the Initiative and have committed massive amounts of money to further it. The typical billionaire anti-gun types like Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, (who together made sure last year’s I-594 passed by funneling millions of dollars to pass that Initiative) are all on board with their wallets opened wide.

I find it insanely sanctimonious when folks on the left rail about the scourge of “big money” and in particular, “big corporate money,” when a measure they vehemently oppose finds support by the likes of say, the Koch brothers. However, when an Initiative like I-1491 arises, they welcome all the big corporate money they can find.

There is a word for that. Hypocrite.

Vote NO on I-1491 if you value due process for your rights.