CBC: Inside the American Redoubt movement

The CBC has posted an article titled Hoping for best and preparing for worst: Inside the American Redoubt movement with the subtitle “Conservative, Christian and concerned — Americans fed up with government hole up in Pacific Northwest.”

Rawles sees the Redoubt as a place where mostly conservative, Christian Americans who are worried about the future should move and prepare for the worst. The goal is to create a safe haven where like-minded Americans, many of whom refer to themselves as “preppers,” can live off the land, be more self-sufficient and wait out the calamities to come…

Santos says many of the people coming through his shop these days are new arrivals looking for a fresh start and a quieter, more peaceful life.

“Many of the things that attracted my wife and I to this area are the same things that are attracting people today — people want to live in a place that feels like a community, people want to feel safe when they go out at night…”

For Lebaron, life in the Redoubt is about hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. It’s a mantra he adopted while working with FEMA, America’s disaster management agency, during the earthquake that rocked the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989.

“When bad things happen, people that you have called your friends for years are no longer your friends,” he said. “When people are cold, tired and hungry, they forget all about friendships.”

He expects the divisions this presidential campaign has reinforced across the country will remain long after the election and will feed some Americans’ desire to retreat to the Redoubt.

“There is very much a division or a schism in the United States today, where people are literally, ‘Which side of the fence are you on?'”

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