Multi-state Concealed Carry Permit Class & Women’s Concealed Carry Class, Jan 7th, 2017

kaeryconcealedKaery Concealed is coming down to teach their multi-state concealed carry permit class and also a women’s concealed carry class on Saturday, January 7th, 2017 at 22202 N Hinzerling, Prosser, WA. The multi-state permit class will run from 9:00am to 1:30pm. Registration link.


Multi-state Concealed Carry Permit Class description follows.

Our master instructors take the confusion and frustration out of the permit process to help you obtain the most advantageous multi-state carry permit(s) for your lifestyle.

This 4 hour classroom-only course (no live fire or test required) far exceeds the application requirements for the most sought after and desired permits in the country. Additionally, this course far exceeds the requirements to apply for an Oregon permit. A multi-state permit does not replace your home-state concealed carry permit.

The non-resident concealed carry permits issued by Arizona, Utah, and Florida are referred to as “multi-state” permits because both permits are recognized by at least 30 states. Please see our FAQ page for a list of states.

Although some people prefer to apply for both multi-state permits, it is not necessary to apply for both. Students typically choose to apply for whichever multi-state permit affords them coverage in the most states possible which is dependent on state of residence.

You will leave the course with everything you need to apply for the Arizona multi-state permit, the Utah multi-state permit, the Florida multi-state permit, and the Oregon permit (Oregon accepts only their own permit – which means if you want to conceal carry in Oregon you will need to apply for an Oregon permit).

Please understand that a multi-state permit does not necessarily or typically negate the need for a home-state permit – see our FAQ page for a detailed explanation.

What is included in the course:
During your course, we do a lot more than just cover the course curriculum, as we also provide: the multi-state applications; three completed fingerprint cards; 2×2 photos; required copies; proof of training certificates for the multi-state permits; training certificate to apply for an Oregon permit; and pre-addressed envelopes.

The only thing you will need to do after taking this course is include the state background check fee, affix adequate postage, and relax while you wait for your permit to arrive in the mail. Please note that the state background check fee is separate from the course and is paid directly to the state — see the FAQ page for details.

Topics Covered:
State and federal laws; handgun operation, safety and selection; ammunition and malfunctions; shooting fundamentals; concealment options and considerations; defensive use of force laws and implications; and many other topics are covered during the four hour course.

Kaery Concealed will also present a concealed carry for women course on the same day from 2pm-6:30pm. Registration link.


Course description:

Through the use of innovative training, state-of-the-art methods, and professional firearm instruction, Kaery Concealed offers the most relevant and dynamic, reality-based training for personal and home defense.
1st Shots is a course designed for individuals with minimal or no formal handgun training who desire the most effective knowledge and skills to confidently and proficiently defend themselves and those they love.

This one-of-a-kind, non-live fire course utilizes state-of-the-art SIRT training pistols (the same technology used by US Special Forces and law enforcement agencies) and software designed to provide superior results in a comfortable, familiar, and relaxed setting.

This is a quick-moving course emphasizes firearm safety and safe gun-handling while developing the necessary skills to keep, carry, and control a handgun and be victorious in a personal protection situation.
At Kaery Concealed, we are passionate about removing barriers to obtaining affordable, professional, family-friendly firearm instruction.  We do this by taking the instruction to our customers, and by offering top-notch self defense courses in unconventional locations like libraries, lunchrooms, community centers, conference rooms, small businesses, and even private homes.
All equipment provided.
Topics Include:
mental & situational defensive alertness
defense under stress
aggressive disengagement
handgun & ammunition operation
safe gun handling, storage, carrying
practical defensive marksmanship
Shoot-to-Live fundamentals
practical, useful pointers to make consistent concealed carry a reality
safely drawing from a variety of concealment option (holster, purse, KaeryBand™, KaeryWrap™)
learn how to use the KaeryBelt™ as a component of the most versatile, practical, and effective carry options
lawful concealed carry

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To take advantage of discounts for taking both classes or for couples taking the permit class, please email Kaery at