A Federalist Solution to the Federal Bureaucracy

at-logoFrom American Thinker comes an idea for civil service reform.

The federal bureaucracy was created by Congress and is managed by the executive branch. The structure of the bureaucracy was intended to make it difficult for employees to be fired for political reasons. The Civil Service is comprised for the most part of men and women who perform their daily duties admirably and with distinction. Sadly, the result of Obama’s politicized and weaponized bureaucracy has been a fundamental lack of trust in government by average citizens. The very worst federal employees are shielded from the consequences of their incompetence, indolence, and outright corruption by recalcitrant administrators and union lawyers. Personal accountability appears to have taken a permanent vacation. Indeed, the power of the civil service grows every time an unfireable federal employee thumbs his nose at the rules that govern the private sector. Throughout history no attempt by any president to rein in this bureaucracy has been able to do more than slow its growth; simply put, there is no elected official in Washington DC capable of bringing Leviathan to heel.

How then can We the People accomplish what the most powerful politicians in Washington DC can’t? To quote a character from Frank Herbert’s Dune, “he who can destroy a thing, controls a thing.” I submit that the federal bureaucracy could be tamed by enacting a Constitutional amendment requiring that every federal government agency except the Department of Defense to be reauthorized by a three-fifths vote of all 50 state legislatures every 12 years.

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