AmRRON moves to AmCON 4


4/12: Due to the developing situation surrounding North Korea, We are raising
the AmCON to Level 4.

This is a precautionary measure to raise awareness, based on the
following reports:

A) North Korean capital city of Pyongyang is calling for an evacuation
at this time
B) Foreign Journalists told to prepare for “big event” (on Thursday?)
C) High potential for EMP-capable satellite(s)

On Wednesday former CIA director James Woolsey and Dr. Peter Vincent Pry
published an Op-Ed
in The Hill warning that North Korea has the ability to kill 90 percent
of Americans by detonating a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (EMP)
over the United States.

1. Disconnect antennas from radios when not in use

2. Other unused or spare radios, laptops, thumb drives, etc. placed in
faraday protection

3. Participate in next week’s practice nets to ensure your skills,
equipment, and software are maintained and up to date.

We will indefinitely maintain at LEAST AmCON-4 until the situation
involving North Korea stabilizes significantly.