Brushbeater: The Shura

More good words from NC Scout over at Brushbeater blog.

Shura: (shūrā) is an Arabic word for ‘consultation’. It is a gathering of Leaders among a Tribe or Group which contemplates an issue, agrees upon a solution, and rallies their groups towards that goal. The agreement reached provides the community’s consent to action, recognizing the authority of the community and accepting the burden of consequence.

Despite the few of you out there scratching your heads, this concept is not at all foreign to the West- gatherings to resolve issues based upon common, recognized places at that table, is fairly commonplace. We do it everyday informally and formally- humans are social creatures by nature and react with hostility to accepted norms being violated.

Therefor it is not without too much effort we can extend such a concept to our defensive postures. For Survivalists, Preppers, Militia-types or just those with a broad concern of the condition of things, and for that there’s plenty among us, an entire subculture exists focused upon self reliant defense. And that’s where the confusion comes in. For some this requires being every bit as cool as a Soldier of Fortune cover. Going back to our definition above, it’s the consent of the community that’s commonly forgotten or simply written off (because it’s easy to fancy oneself as a hero if that’s overlooked) and the last part, that burden of consequence, is never recognized. Ever. The community bears the consequence of what you do or fail

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