Busting the Bugout Myth: Basics of Personnel Recovery for Preppers and Survivalists

Brushbeater on having to bailout to a friend/family and some considerations of the same.


In the same vein as the last post on ‘bugging out’ and a lot of the un-reality that surrounds it, the very real crossover skill of conducting a personnel recovery, or at a minimum, how to link up with friendlies, needs to be taught in lieu of the “look at muh bugout stuff!!!” that frequently goes on among rank amateurs. Building a bag and sitting it in the corner, or better still, pontificating on which “one gun and knife combo am I gonna use???” really does absolutely nothing for us if a) I have nowhere realistic to go; b) I have few if any relevant daily practiced skills; and c) I have no people who also have those skills to help me. Gear is nice and makes us feel good when we buy that new piece of kit (I’m an admitted knife nut, one day I’ll find…

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