2018 NW APRS Summer Gathering, North Bend, Sept. 7-9th

From the folks who run the NW APRS Summer Gathering:

Summer Gathering 2018!
As I type this, the NW APRS Summer Gathering is ~ 5 months away. As usual, SG will be held the weekend after Labor Day. In 2018, that’s:
Friday September 7
Saturday September 8
Sunday September 9

Valley Camp
NW APRS Summer Gathering is held at Valley Camp in North Bend, WA. If you’re interested in camping at, or just getting a bunk in the bunkhouse at Valley Camp during SG 2018, please contact Teena at Valley Camp directly, via email: teena@valleycamp.org.

Summer Gathering Bulletins
The next bulletin will have a link to the signup form to register your interest in attending SG 2018. Look for more bulletins, monthly (minimum) through July. In August the bulletins will become more frequent with more detailed information about SG 2018.

Feedback, Presentation Suggestions Requested
We’re interested in feedback about SG 2017 – what went well, what went not-so-well. Please email me with your feedback: steve.stroh@gmail.com

The SG 2018 “Committee” is open to suggestions for educational sessions at SG. For those on this list that are new to SG, the educational sessions are usually about APRS or a related Amateur Radio data communications topic such as packet radio, digital voice, or science / technical topics that might be of interest to an Amateur Radio audience. The speaker needs to be from, or willing to travel to (at their own expense) the Pacific Northwest as we don’t have a travel budget, nor sufficient Internet bandwidth for a remote presentation.

ARRL Event Request Submitted
As with last year, we have submitted an application to the ARRL for SG 2018 to be an official ARRL event (hopefully, with some ARRL prizes being donated for raffle).

Demonstration HF Station – Data Modes?
We would love to have a demonstration of HF data modes at SG 2018. There is a good HF beam antenna at Valley Camp, and ample electrical power. At past SGs, it’s always been fun to demonstrate the use of HF data modes. This year, considering the rise of the low-transmit-power, “high compute” data modes like the FT8, perhaps a modest station running FT8 would be the most instructional. If you’re able to show off your HF data station at SG 2018 running FT8 or other data modes, please consider doing so.

Help Out, or At, Valley Camp
Lastly, if you have some spare time this summer and want to get away from the city for a while, consider helping out Valley Camp. Summer is their very busy time, and they provide a very welcome respite for the increasingly busy pace of life in the Seattle metro area. Some pointers: