Bushcraft 4 Kids: Bitesize Navigation

Nicholas at Bushcraft4kids.co.uk has a nice brief article up, Bitesize Bushcraft-Navigation, about introducing children to map reading. His recommendations include simple tasks that get your kids acquainted with using maps. In this day and age of GPS, map reading is still a useful and life-saving skill to have.

Here are a few ideas to get children and young people used to simple navigation tasks using a map and or compass.

  • Encourage children to guide you around places you go whether it is a shopping center, a local nature reserve or a zoo. You can find a basic map of most place we go to, give on to your children and ask them to find the next place you are going to. It can be a game to see who finds it first, and or the quickest route to it. They can then guide you there.
  • Four and six figure grid references. Enlarge a map and teach along the corridor and up the stairs. I wa surprised that five and six year olds can often grasp 6 figure grid references.
  • When you give a child any map encourage them to try orientating it…

Read the entire article at Bushcraft4kids by clicking here.