Ammoland: The @!#t Storm that is the NRA Today

If you haven’t been keeping an eye on the mismanagement issues at the NRA, this article will be an eye-opener for you. The article is long as there is and has been so much badness going on. In the meantime, the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Owners of America are two other options for your Second Amendment support donations.

Opinion by Anon
Editors Note: The ongoing account of gross miss-management reported here may have already evolved by the time you read this report. What follows will enrage you and all we can say is Wayne Lapier and the current Executives need to go, even if members need to storm the NRA offices. We need to take back our NRA. Contact the NRA by Phone: (800) 672-3888.

NRA Danger

Fairfax, VA – -( Many of my friends are calling me wanting to know what the hell is going on with NRA, as if I ought to know. But all I know is from past observation and from what I’m reading almost daily in newspapers or internet blogs. Mind you, I’m on the outside: I am not, and never have been, on the NRA Board of Directors. But to try to answer them I wrote this encapsulation. Here’s how the situation looks to me. If what follows is not substantially true or seems unfair, I hope somebody on the inside hastens to correct me. Because it’s depressing.

It’s been an open secret for more than 20 years (since at least the 1990s) that an outside public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen Inc. (around NRA headquarters, commonly called “Ack-Mac”) enjoyed a favored and protected, if not inviolate, relationship with NRA. The owners of Ack-Mac were close friends and associates of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. He handed them major roles formulating, directing and performing many NRA operations for which Ack-Mac and its associated companies bill NRA millions of dollars annually — in 2017 alone, over $40 million. To ensure their position by enhancing his, Ack-Mac created a persona for LaPierre as NRA’s public face; his strident, increasingly right-wing rhetoric espoused in NRA’s name was shaped and scripted by Ack-Mac. In turn he fended off sporadic calls to reduce Ack-Mac’s penetration of NRA. LaPierre and Ack-Mac became practically indistinguishable.

This special relationship and its financial intertwining were largely opaque, fully appreciated only within inner circles of the 76-member Board of Directors. Though payments to Ack-Mac accounted for a large chunk of NRA’s budget until recently Ack-Mac was unmentioned in annual reports or minutes of the Board’s meetings, it was as if Ack-Mac didn’t exist. The full extent of Ack-Mac’s influence, participation, and responsibility for NRA’s high-level management decisions remains, to this day, obscure…

…Brewer’s bills for legal services swiftly displaced Ack-Mac’s as an initiator for cardiac arrest. [it appears Brewer is positioning his firm, Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors, who has their own in house PR division to replace Ack-Mac at the NRA teat] Brewer’s charges total more than $24 million over the past year, and apparently continue at a breathtaking if not larcenous rate, about $1.8 million per month…

…By this time it leaked out that LaPierre had charged to Ack-Mac over $274,000 of expenses for travel and wardrobe that evidently were then billed back to NRA….

…Also still on the NRA’s payroll is Joshua Powell, recently removed as director of General Operations (drawing nearly $800K) after being exposed in national media as a serial deadbeat. The most cursory vetting before he was hired would have disclosed his trail of failed businesses and bad debts…

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