Office of Firearm Violence Prevention Act Passes in WA Senate

SB 6288 which would create an Office of Firearm Violence Prevention within the Executive Branch of the state government passed in the senate yesterday 25-23. It will now go to the house for consideration. The current Gubernatorial administration has made it clear their position on Second Amendment/Article 1 Section 24 issues, as they routinely sponsor and support gun banning legislation and initiatives designed to disarm law-abiding citizens. A concern with the legislation is that this office would be nothing more than a tax-payer funded lobby group whose sole purpose is to erode self-defense rights in Washington.


Office of Firearm Violence Prevention.

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The current gubernatorial administration has been hostile toward individual Second Amendment Rights.  Often times, the solution to any real or perceived problem has been creation of new taxes or bureaucracy.  SB 6288 creates an entire new agency, under the Governor’s control, to assist in firearms violence prevention.  It could also serve as a valuable political tool.

The Washington office of Firearm Violence Prevention Act, is to be created within the department for the purposes of coordinating and promoting effective state and local efforts to reduce firearm violence.  This bill wold add a new section to RCW 43.  According to the language of the bill itself, the duties of the office include, but are not limited to:

(a) Working with law enforcement agencies, county prosecutors, researchers, and public health agencies throughout the state to identify and improve upon available data sources, data collection methods, and data-sharing mechanisms. The office will also identify gaps in available data needed for ongoing analysis, policy development, and the implementation of evidence-based firearm violence intervention and prevention strategies.

(b) Researching, identifying, and recommending legislative policy options to promote the implementation of statewide evidence-based firearm violence intervention and prevention strategies.

(c) Researching, identifying, and applying for non-state funding to aid in the research, analysis, and implementation of statewide firearm violence intervention and prevention strategies.

(d) Working with the office of crime victim advocacy to identify 35 opportunities to better support victims of firearm violence, a population that is currently underrepresented among recipients of victim services.

What should concern any lawful and responsible gun owner in the State of Washington is that the current Governor and Attorney General have shown a general disdain for the Second Amendment.  Passing legislation which gives the Executive branch another lobbying arm and legislative force should concern any citizen who cherishes their Second Amendment Rights.  You can track SB 6288 and read the entire bill here.