QSO Today Virtual Ham Radio Expo, Aug. 8-9, 2020

QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo

Participate in this ground breaking, virtual international amateur radio expo. Packed with world renowned speakers, exhibitors, and special conference rooms built on a virtual reality platform. Attend from the convenience of your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
Coming to your laptop, tablet, and smartphone on:
​ August 8 and 9, 2020
August 8th, 0100 Zulu (GMT) – Keynote by Dr. Scott Wright, K0MD
August 8th and 9th,  1500 Zulu USA Speaker Tracks Start
Check individual Exhibitor Booths for their hours – most will open a 1500 Zulu on Saturday and Sunday.

Despite the current Covid-19 situation, ham radio operators are more active than ever and want to continue to learn and engage with their community.  To meet this need, we’ve organized the first of its kind, virtual ham radio expo designed to allow everyone interested in amateur radio to engage with amazing speakers, leading suppliers of equipment, parts and services, and fellow attendees.  Our virtual expo platform provides a visually captivating and easy to navigate user experience that recreates the look and feel of a physical amateur radio convention.

Attendees have the opportunity to:  

  • Listen to and engage with 70+ internationally recognized ham radio luminaries that have committed to lead expo sessions. Click here for the speaker list.
  • Walk through our virtual exhibit hall filled with popular amateur radio suppliers. Watch new product demos, interact directly with booth staff using video, audio, or text conferencing.
  • Engage with fellow hams without leaving your home ham shack. And save thousands of dollars since you don’t have to worry about travel, food, and lodging!
  • Return over the next 30 days to re-visit, explore, and re-engage exhibitor offerings.

QSO Today called on its former guests and other expert amateur radio operators to create an amazing series of lectures in webinar format from one of our five virtual lecture halls.

All lectures are: 

  • fully live interactive with speaker during the session hour
  • completely downloadable
  • collateral materials are downloadable in PDF format
  • everything available up to 30 days beyond the presentation

Speakers – (tentative list)

Keynote Speech – COVID-19: The creation of a medical response using a global network. The Human stories behind it and the impact of Amateur Radio on problem solving – Dr. Scott Wright, K0MD  Scheduled for:  0100 Zulu August 8th

Speakers below begin at 1500 Zulu, August 8th and 9th in 5 parallel tracks.  Start on the hour with Q&A following each one. 

How to Solder, Steve Johnston WD8DAS

“The History of Heath Company, the G.I. Bill, and Economics of Restoration – Paul Topolski W1SEX

21st Century Transceiver Design: The K4 High Performance Direct Sampling SDR – Eric Swartz, WA6HHQ

3D Printing Microwave Antennas – Karen Ricker KG5GAK

5 Fun Things for Youth to Do With Ham Radio – AD8FQ

A 100W HF-6M Amplifier Project -Jim Veatch WA2EUJ

Antenna theory – Robert Zavrel W7SX

APRS – Ray Rischpater KF6GPE

ARKnet Wireless Emergency Intranet – Marcel Stieber AI6MS

Audio Building Block for Hams – Mark Smith KR6ZY

Building a new shack – Vance Martin N3VEM

Building the Future -David Cripe NM0S

Citizen Science: HamSCI and the Personal Space Weather Station Project – KE8HPA

Contesting on 10 Ghz and UP – Wayne Yoshida KH6WZ

CWOps CW Academy – Learning CW -Eric Silverthorn NM5M

Digital Amateur Television – and social distancing – Joel Wilhite KD6W

DXing with modern software defined radios – Ria Jairam N2RJ

DXpeditions – Glenn Johnson W0GJ

EME on 40 Meters – Dennis Kidder W6DQ

Everything you need to know about Lithium Batteries- Marcel Steiber AI6MS

Everything you need to know about USB and Serial interfaces -Bob Wilson N6TV

FlexRadio – An Introduction to Remote HF Operating -Michael Walker VA3MW

FT8 & FT4 An Introduction – Anthony Luscre, K8ZT

FT8 DXpedition Mode – Will DXing ever be the same? – Ned Stearns AA7A

Fully-Remote Amateur Radio Exam Administration- Marcel Steiber AI6MS

Get active! Get on the air! – Don Keith N4KC

Getting Girls Involved in STEM, Specifically Amateur Radio! -Audrey McElroy KM4BUN

Getting Started in HF -Michael Burnette AF7KB

Getting started on EME (Moon bounce) with a basic station -Howard Sherer AE3T

GPS Today – John Ackermann N8UR

Grounding and Bonding – The Essentials – Ward Silver N0AX

Having Fun With Morse – Anthony Luscre K8ZT

Highly Flying Kids With HAB – Jack McElroy KM4ZIA

Hollow-State Homebrewing – Grayson Evans KJ7UM

Introduction to Low Frequencies – Eric Nichols KL7AJ

Is 3 dB Worth a Divorce? – Glenn Johnson W0GJ

Kit Building Techniques For Success – Joseph Eisenberg K0NEB

Marconi and me: A QRP adventure in Italy or a program on SOTA, Summits on the Air – Don
Minkoff NK6A

PackTenna – Think Like A Backpacker George Zafiropoulos,  KJ6VU

Portable HF operating – Mike Dahlhoffer K8MRD

Portable operating – John Jacobs W7DBO

Possible working title: “Digging Dirt on Inductors” – H.P. Pete Friedrichs AC7ZL

Qatar Oscar-100 Satellite – ZVI SEGAL 4Z1ZV

Remotely controlling a solar station -Robert Norman VK5SW

Salt Water Amplifier – Key To QRP SSB DX – Thomas Robinson G0SBW

Saltwater Effect: Fact or Myth – Greg Lane, N4KGL

Science with your Ham Radio – Phil Erickson W1PJE

Send an Amateur Radio Balloon around the World – Bill Brown WB8ELK

Simple HF Antennas – Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA

QSL Confidential – Jeff Murray K1NSS

Solar and Propagation Topics – Carl Luetzelschwab K9LA

The 630-Meter Band: Is it Practical for Amateur Use? – Steve Johnston WD8DAS

The new Blue Lightning Transceiver, Design and Use – David White WN5Y

The Search for Amelia Earhart’s L10E – Tom Vinson NY0V

The Slot Antenna — Undiscovered Country for Most Hams – John Portune W6NBC

Tips for Being a Better Single Op Contester – Randy Thompson K5ZD

Using Pluto SDR as a spectrum analyzer. Beric Dunn K6BEZ

Welcome to the Arduino – Glen Popiel KW5GP

Your Radio Club is the Answer – Joel Wilhite KD6W

​Youth in Ham Radio – Carole Perry WB2MGP