Non-Intervention: Mr. President, Are loyal citizens on their own to eliminate their tormentors?

From Michael Scheuer at Non-Intervention, Mr. President: Are loyal citizens on their own to eliminate their tormentors? (H/t Combat Studies Group)

President Trump: Please explain to loyal Americans, as soon as possible, why they should not be exercising their 2nd Amendment rights to deter — or kill if necessary — those who are killing them, burning their property, and ruining cities, as well as planning to destroy their Constitution, economy, liberties, and future. This is especially important because the national government appears unwilling or unable to act to defeat the attacks on Americans coming from the sources noted below. This really is a pretty simple question and, I think, merits a timely and forthright answer. Following are few of the reasons that the question is, in my view, extremely pertinent less than 100 days before the presidential election.

–1.) Americans of all colors are seeing their property destroyed and kin killed in Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other Democrat-run cities.

–2.) Americans of all colors see that multiple Democratic governors are flooding the country with the many thousands of felons they released from prisons, including murderers and rapists, some of whom already have resumed attacks on the citizenry.

–3.) Americans of all colors have had their parents and grandparents murdered by Democrat governors in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and California who ordered them into old-folks’ homes to die from the Chinese Virus.

–4.) Eligible American voters of all colors know that the Democrats are preparing to negate their votes via a corrupt system of mail-in voting, and then install the tyranny they already have installed in several states, major cities, and the House of Representatives.

–5.) All Americans are learning – from reputable doctors, including famous epidemiologists – that tens of thousands of their fellow citizens have died of the Chinese Virus because Dr. Fauci, Bill Gates and his vaccine-maniacs, the senior-most levels of government’s health bureaucracy, and the media blocked the use of hydroxychloroquine. A noted Yale epidemiologist recently reported that 100,000 more could die if that safe-drug is not used. (NB: As I write, late on 28 July 2020, the Tech overlords are racing to delete all of the doctor statements urging the drug’s use to save lives. (See,

–6.) Americans of all colors know that a large group of Democratic politicians – including Obama and Biden and several Cabinet secretaries – and many senior federal civil servants and U.S. military flag officers were involved in a coup attempt against you, your administration, and those who voted for you. Americans also know these people cemented the treasonous nature of their actions by enlisting the aid of foreign governments.

–7.) All Americans of faith have seen the plans of the Democrats and their allies to end the practice of Christianity in America, keeping Christian churches closed while identifying liquor stores and gambling casinos as essential, and, in several states, exempting abortions from banned selective surgeries and arranging for doctors to conduct abortions “at home”.

–8.) All Americans are learning that the lock-down, the use of face masks, the ruining of businesses, the job losses, and the closing of schools were scare tactics designed by the Democrats to test if citizens would take even-stupid and bankrupting orders from their would-be masters, the Democrats.

–9.) Americans of all colors know that the Democrats and some Republicans have kept the long-ago-lost Afghan War going, and so have kept U.S. military personnel – the children of Americans – in a position to be killed or maimed.

–10.) All Americans are seeing, hearing, and learning that Joe Biden and his family are thieves and Chinese intelligence assets; that Biden is mentally ill and getting worse, and, if elected, will serve as the lead puppet for installing a socialist-criminal tyranny on America by following the orders of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Sanders, China, and the gangsters, terrorists, Big Tech cretins, and media outlets that are aligned with them.

–11.) Increasing numbers of Americans are becoming aware of the pledges of Obama’s keeper Valerie Jarrett and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) that the Democrats would remember those Americans who tried to undo “Obama’s Legacy” and punish them when the Democrats regained the White House.

–12.) All Americans of all colors know that their 1st Amendment, free-speech rights are being extinguished by the Democratic Party and its partners in Big Tech and major media companies, as the latter two serve that party by censoring enormous amounts of non-leftist material on social media. This practice is now being followed by FOX NEWS; twice this week FOX refused to show the harrowing film of Portland rioting that dispoved Congressman Nadler’s claim that Democrat-sponsored terrorism is a “myth”.

–13.) All Americans of all colors know that those who teach their children – backed by the Democratic Party and the party-owned teacher unions – are indoctrinating them to hate their own country and to support those who want to destroy the republic.

–14.) All Americans of all colors know that the Democratic Party intends to open all of the nation’s borders to any foreigner who wants to enter, thereby ensuring that this human detritus will always vote for the party and that future elections will be an endless reaffirmation of Democratic tyranny.

–15.) White Americans know that they and their children will be treated by future Democratic governments exactly as White South Africans are being treated by the murderous Black government that Mandela built and left as his racist legacy; that is, an attempt will be made to exterminate them.

These matters, Mr. President, need to be put on the road to removal soon. Unless they are near their end by election day, it is likely that the only result that will be accepted by your supporters and other loyal Americans, is your reelection. Given the items outlined above, Sir, to accept the addled Biden as president would amount to welcoming a China-backed, fascist regime bent on killing any Americans who oppose it. Very few of us, Mr. President, will go quietly into the valley of death the Democrats have built for us and our children. We all saw how Nadler’s vicious Democratic swine abused Attorney General Barr on Tuesday. What chance would a dissenting ordinary citizen have if those animals had power? Only one chance, Sir, the 2nd Amendment.