PrepperNet Moves to MeWe from Facebook

Just as we recently heard that The Organic Prepper had closed their Facebook page over censorship, now PrepperNet has announced that they are moving to MeWe.

PrepperNet has moved to MeWe!

Due to Facebook’s restrictions and censorship on Free Speech, we are moving our primary social media platform to MeWe.  Without warning, Facebook has deleted other pages related to preparedness such as Forward Observer’s and Prepping2.0.  While PrepperNet is not a political group, there are times our preparedness group sometimes discusses and shares information and personal perspectives about current events.

With the recent and ongoing politically motivated censorship actions of many of the social media platforms, PrepperNet sees the handwriting on the wall and we are reevaluating our relationship and use of some of the social media tools.  In the meantime, we are making every effort to comply with Facebook’s policies as we consider it a valuable communication tool. However, to ensure our community will be in a position to continue on, we have developed a new plan to ensure a continuity of operations should we lose access to Facebook.

So here is our plan.

We have different levels

ALL PrepperNet members should all join PrepperNet.Com.  It’s FREE!
If you want to support PrepperNet, please become a Premium Member for $40/year.

PrepperNet 101 is going to be Facebook.  We will not allow any political or controversial topics.  We will only use Facebook to “Catch” new interested preppers looking for PrepperNet.

PrepperNet 102 is MeWe. This is where you can chat and share preparedness topics with everyone.

PrepperNet 103 will be the PrepperNet forums. The forums are for learning and sharing information. This is old school and hopefully will not take a big learning curve. This is for people that want to share projects and really learn. We are fine with a small percentage participating on the forums.  The forums link can be found in your basic membership tab on You can use the app Tapatalk to connect with the forums once your account is setup.

As we move forward, we encourage all members to use MeWe as their primary social media platform when interacting with PrepperNet.