AmRRON: Red Ryder BB Gun OTP Contest for Young Partisans

AmRRON announces their 2020 Christmas Red Ryder contest. More info through link.

Young Partisans! Radio Free Redoubt brings you another chance to win one of TWO Red Ryder Carbine Action 600-shot  BB guns, with a compass in the Stock and this thing that tells time, just like Ralphie in the movie, ‘A Christmas Story’.

Straight from the Daisy Museum, this year’s rifles will be engraved with ‘AmRRON YOUNG PARTISAN on the receiver!  A REAL COLLECTORS EDITION!

Learn how to decode One Time Pad secret messages just like real spies do, and enter to win your very own ‘Christmas Dream’ Daisy Museum BB Gun! Must be under 18 years old (it’s an honor system!).
-John Jacob Schmidt


How to participate:

    1. Listen to the John Jacob Show anytime after 8pm, Sunday night December, 6th at

      Episode 20-40 Young Partisan OTP Christmas Contest – The Secret Code Numbers

    2. Write the numbers down exactly.
    3. Then, go to the posting titled, “Christmas Red Ryder 2020” for further instructions!
    4. The drawing will be held Sunday evening, December 16th on Radio Free Redoubt

Kids, you might need your parent’s help. They can assist you using the OTP–A Simplified Exercise by JJS. It will walk you through the steps for decrypting a OTP message.