CS Lewis Doodle: The Poison of Subjectivism

This abridged essay contains the essence of Lewis’ arguments in his fascinating short book ‘The Abolition of Man/Humanity’.
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‘The Abolition of Man’, a series of three lectures that were published, has been rated as one of top ten non-fiction books of the 20th century, and is a booklet really. (It’s only three chapters long or two hour’s read).
(8:41) “The union and fellowship of men will be best preserved if each receives from us the more kindness in proportion as he is more closely connected with us.” (Roman. Cicero. De Off. 1. xvi).
(9:00) Tradition morality is show here as ammunition boxes supplying its critic’s guns. “For no ethical attack on any of the tradition precepts can be made except on the ground of some other traditional precept” (C.S. Lewis, ‘On Ethics’).