S2 Underground: July 26 Intel Update

The below video is the latest intelligence video from S2 Underground.

00:00 – Introduction

00:20 – Infrastructure – Southeast

01:00 – Infrastructure – East Central Midwest

02:18 – Infrastructure – West Central Midwest

03:12 – Infrastructure – Southwest

05:48 – Infrastructure – West

07:49 – Suspicious Fires

09:35 – Kinetic Incidents – Northeast

14:38 – Kinetic Incidents – Southeast

16:11 – Kinetic Incidents – West

17:17 – Significant Governmental Actions

30:08 – International Issues

36:43 – Closing Thoughts

Just a few reminders for everyone who’s just become aware of us, in order to keep these briefings from being several hours long, we can’t cover everything. We’re probably covering 1% of the world events when we conduct these briefings, so please remember that if we left it out, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unimportant. Also, remember that we do these briefings quite often, so we might have covered an issue previously that you might not see if you are only watching our most recent videos. We’re also doing this in our spare time, so again we fully admit that these briefings aren’t even close to being perfect; we’re going for a healthy blend of speed and quality. If we were to wait and only post a brief when it’s “perfect” we would never post anything at all. So expect some minor errors on the slides here and there. If there is a major error or correction that needs to be made, we will post it here in the description, and verbally address it in the next briefing, whenever that is. We do not have a set schedule for when these videos are published…when we get enough info that we think is worth it, we brief it. If we were bound to a schedule we would be obligated to provide fluff for the days where there isn’t anything worth commenting on. Also, thanks for reading this far. It is always surprising the number of people that don’t actually read the description box to find more information.