Garand Thumb: How to stop a Mass Shooter, Mr Dicken the Hero who Stopped a Tragedy

In this video, the guys at military/firearms channel Garand Thumb talk about the actions of Mr. Dicken who stopped a mass shooting in a mall in Greenwood, IN by engaging with and shooting the assailant from forty yards. Are you training with your carry weapon?

ow to stop a Mass Shooter. Here at Garand Thumb we believe very strongly in the actions of Mr. Dicken and in the carrying of concealed handguns. Mr. Dicken’s actions ultimately saved many lives. There is much to learn from what occurred.

00:00 How to Stop a Mass Shooter, The Dicken drill

2:37 Your life will likely be peaceful, but it may not be

4:00 Elisha Dicken conceal carried as soon as he could

5:00 You don’t need to be a LEO or Military to be tactically sound

9:12 Long shots are easy if you train