Tucker Carlson: Carjacking is sign that your civilization is falling apart

Tucker Carlson recently talked about how carjacking (also known as highway robbery in older times) is a clear sign of civilization failing as lawlessness prevents free travel.

Turns out the symptoms of societal decay are universal. They’re not unique to a specific society. You recognize them in any country at any time, now or a thousand years ago, always the same. The men become weak. The leaders get decadent. Law enforcement gets politicized. The currency gets devalued and then things begin to come apart.  

Pretty soon, it doesn’t take long, the society can no longer perform its most basic function. The reason we have societies in the first place, which is to protect the weak from the strong. That’s where you have a society. Well, in places like this, it becomes, among many other things, very hard to travel anywhere. You just can’t go where you want to go. With legitimate authority in retreat, roads are not controlled by the police. They’re controlled by armed predators and the armed predators take exactly what they want from travelers because they can.  

This is an ancient problem. It used to be called highway robbery, and for most of history, it kept people very close to home. Turns out it still exists, but now it’s called carjacking. Carjacking is the clearest possible sign that your civilization is falling apart and that’s why you find it in places like Somalia and South Africa, places where force, violence and clan loyalty have replaced law and order, places where might makes right. In the city of Johannesburg, for example, a vehicle is hijacked on average once every hour of the day. Now, once that happens, there’s really no coming back from it. Nobody’s going to build anything in the city with endemic carjacking. 

In fact, most normal people will leave as fast as they can, as they have in Johannesburg, as they are starting to do, we are sad to tell you, in the city of New Orleans, where carjacking is now a permanent feature of life. Last summer, a law student called Madison Bergeron pulled into the driveway of her home in New Orleans. As she gathered belongings in the car, a young man appeared out of nowhere, stuck a gun in her face, and demanded that she hand over everything she had, including the car. He screamed at her. Terrified, she complied, and that’s what carjacking is always like. It is an act of violence. 

People don’t want to give up their cars. They have to be terrified into doing so. That’s why the majority of victims are women, old women, young women, and that’s why the people who do it will do anything. If you will carjack, if you will steal someone’s car at gunpoint, you will also rape. You will also murder. You have no limits. You are willing to violate on the most basic level, the civil rights of another person and in this case, that was certainly true because that same perpetrator went on, after terrifying Madison Bergeron and stealing her car, to do the same to other women in the city, a lot of them.  

“There was a car blocking me in,” one victim recalled. “And next thing I turn around, there’s yelling and there’s a gun barrel in my face. The kid is yelling to get the F out of the car, get the F out of the car,’ or else he will shoot me.” In all, the carjacker would terrorize five women and steal five cars in just two days before New Orleans police finally arrested him and it’s amazing that they did because there are virtually no police left in New Orleans.  

In a city that probably needs about 2,000 cops, they’re under 500 active-duty policemen left in New Orleans. In New Orleans, they have definitely defunded the police. But in this case, the carjacker, a young teenager was ultimately caught, tried, convicted and sentenced for his crimes. Now, these crimes got a lot of attention in New Orleans. 

So, the mayor of the city, Latoya Cantrell, showed up to the sentencing, but here’s the twist in the story. Mayor Cantrell didn’t show up to support the victims, the women who’d been terrorized by this predator. No, the mayor showed up to support the carjacker and to let the entire city know that she was doing it, to let everyone know whose side she was on. Watch.  

REPORTER VOICEOVER: The mayor showed up in court as a character witness for a 14-year-old offender during sentencing. The teen robbed three women in separate incidents with a fake gun, stealing their cars and belongings. The victims told Fox 8 they were traumatized by what happened and then they felt victimized all over again when the mayor showed up in support of the young criminal. 

WOMAN VICTIM: I was in shock she wasn’t there for us. She was there for the assailant and his mother and it felt like she was supporting the crime.  

REPORTER VOICEOVER: Juvenile Judge Darensburg sentenced the juvenile to a three-year suspended sentence, meaning no jail time. 

It felt like she was supporting the crime, said the victim. Well, yes, it did, because that’s exactly what the mayor was doing. Cantrell was taking the side of the carjacker over the traumatized, law-abiding woman. Now in New Orleans, Cantrell is known by her nickname Teedy, but many people call her exactly what she is: “Latoya the destroya.” She is, in fact, a destroyer. The mayor is incompetent. Mayor is an open race hater. 

The mayor is an encourager of violence and she is destroying an already wounded city. We reached out to Mayor Cantrell’s office to ask why she is doing all of this. Why did she pressure a judge to release a convicted armed carjacker with no prison time? But of course, she didn’t reply to us. It turns out the mayor of New Orleans had a connection to this carjacker. Cantrell had enrolled this person in one of her administration’s welfare programs called “Pathways Youth Internship Program.” Using taxpayer money, the program says it provides young people who commit crimes with a reward, paid internships and a stipend.  

We contacted the Pathways program this morning. We want to know how many people enrolled in that program go on to commit violent crime within five years. We also asked how much taxpayer money they spent, but of course they didn’t answer. But we don’t need an answer. We know exactly what this is. Pathways, like most social justice scams, is not, in fact, designed to reduce crime. It’s about siding with the criminal, giving the criminals as much support as they need, even a courtroom visit from the mayor, if necessary, so they can go out and commit more crimes as soon as possible. So, why would you do something like this if you were the mayor of a city of New Orleans? Why would you force people to leave your city, the people who pay all the taxes of all colors, by the way? Why would you do that?  

Well, possibly because the people who are left tend to be the ones who vote for you. So, it is a kind of electoral strategy. It’s not just happening in New Orleans. It’s happening in a lot of places. The downside is it leads to carnage. There have already been 191 carjackings in the city of New Orleans this year alone. To all of last year, they were a total of 177. Now, most of these carjackings and this is true in a lot of other places, Washington, D.C., we think, most of these are committed by people under the age of 18…(article continues)