NW APRS Summer Gathering, North Bend, Sept. 9-11th



The 2016 / 19th annual Northwest APRS Summer Gathering (NWAPRSSG) is ON!


Dates are:

  • Friday, September 9th, 2016 (Setup, no formal presentations, show and tell)
  • Saturday, September 10, 2016 (Formal presentations, evening movie)
  • Sunday, September 11, 2016 (Morning – debrief)

at Valley Camp near North Bend, WA.

The Summer Gathering is great fun and a great opportunity to learn and practice just about anything you can do with a computer and your ham radio particularly focused on the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)

The location is a beautiful camp with hot showers and a bunkhouse, tent camping or RV opportunities. Many folks arrive on Thursday or Friday for socializing. The presentations are on Saturday. Contact Teena (K9HAV)with your request for overnight accommodation.

The event runs on donations. We are hoping the day folks will help with $15 or $20 or more for the day (if you enjoyed the free breakfast, maybe add what that would cost in a restaurant) and $25 per night for overnight stays – there is a donation box at the event. If you donated what you would pay for your breakfast and other tasty meals, we would probably be in great shape. Please help us keep this event going for another 18 years! This venue is made available to us at no charge but it cannot continue to happen without your participation and support.

Bring your thirst for knowledge, some warm clothing for the evenings, a chair and something soft to enhance your enjoyment of the picnic-table seats and some food and drink to eat and share. Steaks and burgers are most frequently consumed. There are grills going for lunch and dinner and coffee early each day…


There is now a form online to “register” to attend the 2016 Summer Gathering. Register is in quotes because, as always, all are welcome at the Summer Gathering, but it really helps the organizers to have an idea of how many are planning to attend, and some other basic info for planning purposes.

The Northwest APRS Summer Gathering has evolved to encompass more than just APRS over the past few years, and sometimes it helps when planning an event to develop a theme. There’s a lot that has been going on in 2016 relating to digital / data communications in Amateur Radio. One that comes immediately to my mind are the incredible, and rapidly evolving capabilities of the “SDR receiver dongles” (there are many names – that’s just a generic description). For under $100 – the price of the receiver dongle and a Raspberry Pi, you can have an incredible receiver dedicated to a single purpose, such as monitoring aircraft transponders and plotting them on a map.

Another advancement is the Raspberry Pi 3… what would be considered a supercomputer 20 years ago (literally – compare the MIPS available of a Raspberry Pi versus a Cray supercomputer of 20 years ago) and you have an amazing computer that you can afford to dedicate to a specific Amateur Radio task, such as monitoring one specific repeater, a packet radio system that can operate in a window of your primary computer, etc.