Bushcraft Northwest: Wild Foods/Wilderness Cooking Class, Apr. 23-24, 2022

Bushcraft Northwest Wild Foods and Wilderness Cooking workshop

Bushcraft Northwest in Goldendale, WA is holding a Wild Foods and Wilderness Cooking class on the weekend of April 23 & 24, 2022. The cost is $275.

Most wild food classes focus solely on edible plants. While this is undeniably important knowledge to posses, the availability of plants and berries is highly dependent upon both the time of the year and location. Our course goes in a different direction and combines both traditional and modern knowledge to help you eat better and carry less. In this two day workshop, we cover how to make great foods while backpacking, catch fish and wild game, make simple and effective traps and snares, utilize primitive cooking techniques, net making, drying racks, breads, bannock, how to pack and organize, great recipes, and much more. There is no prerequisite for this course, but it is very knife intensive. Knife techniques are also taught as part of the course and a folding saw is highly recommended as well.

All food and meals are provided, but you may bring whatever snacks and drinks you’d like as well. Please bring the camping items necessary for your comfort during the workshop. All of the items on our website are available to try and purchase during the weekend.

Bushcraft Northwest also offers private workshops for individuals, groups, and government agencies. Cost varies depending on group size and whether the course will be held at our location in Goldendale, WA or if we are traveling to your location. Please contact us via email or feel free to call  (360) 606-1036 to find out more information.


Traditional Cooking: You don’t need pots and pans to cook and preserve food. Methods covered include hot rock cooking, dutch ovens, baking, and drying meat.

Fishing: How to make nets, weirs, and fishing tackle out of a blend of modern and natural materials.

Trapping: Primitive snares and deadfalls are illegal unless there is a true emergency. Learn the most efficient methods should the need arise.

Edible Plants: Plants are an easy and reliable food source once the edible varieties can be positively identified.

Knife techniques: Learn proper cutting techniques which are both safe and efficient. Hands on training with lots of carving.

Bushcraft Northwest Wild Foods and Wilderness Cooking workshop