Radio Contra Ep. 170 & 171: Civil War and Resilient Communities

Here are two Radio Contra podcast episodes from NC Scout of Brushbreater and American Partisan. Episode 170 deals with current fears of a US civil war, while Episode 171 is an interview with Bob Griswold on Resilient Communities.

Episode 170. Breaking down the story regarding half of Americans seeing Civil War on the horizon, I explain why this is not a strictly conservative position, and why you cannot afford to disregard the role the Left is playing – and preparing – in fomenting what they see as the next revolution. Next I dive into Facebook disclosing ‘private’ messages among Antifa activists to the FBI and what this means for you. Last, I give a quick review of the new spy fiction series “The Old Man’.

Radio Contra Ep. 170 Americans Seeing Civil War on the Horizon?

Episode 171. I’m joined by Bob Griswold of Ready Made Resources to talk community preparedness and why the prepper community needs to break away from the individualist mindset through recognizing what the militant Left is currently doing.

Radio Contra Ep. 171 Bob Griswold on Resilient Communities