Radio Contra Ep. 204: The Coming Economic War, with Bob Griswold

In Episode 204 of Radio Contra, NC Scout of Brushbeater and American Partisan talks about The Coming Economic War with Bob Griswold of ReadyMadeResources.

I’m joined by Bob Griswold to talk the looming economic war between the East with BRICS and the West with the Petro Dollar, the social fallout as a result, and how you can prepare for the storm.

Radio Contra Episode 204: The Coming Economic War with Bob Griswold

Radio Contra: Ep. 193 Brent Weir of Project 22:3 Preparedness Podcast

In Radio Contra Episode 193, NC Scout of Brushbeater talks to Brent Weir of Project 22:3 Preparedness Podcast. They talk faith, community building, practical preparations, and overcoming adversity in the world to come in the face of covid, war, and economic disaster.

Radio Contra Ep. 193: Brent Weir of Project 22:3 Preparedness Podcast

Radio Contra Ep. 191 Nuclear Archduke Ferdinand Moment? With Bob Griswold

In Episode 191 of Radio Contra, NC Scout is joined by Bob Griswold of Ready Made Resources to discuss what may have been the 21st Century’s Archduke Ferdinand moment with the sabotage of the Nordstream pipelines and the unfolding aftermath.

Radio Contra Ep. 191: The Nuclear Archduke Ferdinand Moment? With Bob Griswold

Radio Contra Ep. 186 Building Preparedness Communities Through the Church

In Radio Contra podcast episode 186, NC Scout talks to John Dyslin, author of Nehemiah Strong about building communities though the Church, from understanding the call to action to why it crosses many of the hurdles preparedness minded folks consider when forming their own groups.

Radio Contra Ep. 186 Building Preparedness Communities Through the Church with John Dyslin

Tensions Rising Over Ukraine War

In the past few days there has been a spate of news describing escalating tensions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

First, NATO announced a new strategic deterrence concept aimed at the Russia-China alliance, while President Biden warned Putin about escalating the Ukraine conflict saying, “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. You will change the face of war unlike anything since World War II.”

Putin responded to these threatening words, announcing a partial mobilization of Russia.

Calling the moves “urgent, necessary steps to defend the sovereignty, security and territorial integrity of Russia,” Putin said that Russia is fighting the full might of NATO. The US and its allies, he said, are seeking to “destroy” Russia.

Radio Contra Ep. 184. NC Scout breaks down Putin’s speech

Then Russia announced that they could use nuclear weapons to defend the annexed regions of Ukraine. Russia had just the day before moved to formally annex the areas of Ukraine under control of Russia’s soldiers.

“If the territorial integrity of our country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect Russia and our people,” said Putin.

Then Russia restricted travel for young men as part of its national mobilization, and called up 300,000 reservists. Russia’s domestic airlines have halted all sales of tickets abroad to men aged 18 to 65 without a waiver from the Ministry of Defense. The BBC reported lines of Russians trying to flee through the Georgia border.

Nearby nations are preparing for escalating conflict. Estonia has decided to confiscate firearms belonging to Russians living in the country. Meanwhile the President of Serbia is warning that there may be a great world conflict in the next few months. Tensions have increased between Turkey and Greece as they have started to revisit territorial disputes since the start of the Ukraine war. The EU also recently called for a war crimes tribunal over mass graves in Ukraine where bodies showed signs of torture after Russian occupation.

How does this or could this affect you? While Ukraine has had political and economic issues for many years, now, it is still an agricultural powerhouse. When it was part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine was responsible for 25% of the entire agricultural output of the USSR. If Russia was able to control the entirety of Ukraine, it would approximately double its wheat and corn and production. Even without controlling the entire country, the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine grow the most wheat. Combining just the exports of wheat by Russian and Ukraine, the two would more than double the amount of the second place exporter – the US.

We’ve seen Europe’s dependence on Russian fuel and how the conflict has caused fuel prices to rise worldwide, but especially in Europe. Should Russia also start controlling the food, it’s hard to predict specific outcomes, but food prices have already risen as a result of uncertainty over Ukrainian wheat exports.

Russia may be seeking a second lever in its geopolitical arsenal, adding food to fuel. Or it may be preparing for a period of imposed international isolation by “stocking up” on its neighbor food and fuel. Either way the effects on food and fuel will be upward moving prices even without the conflict going nuclear or spreading to additional countries.

Putin notices that Ukraine is a little “light on defensive weaponry”

Radio Contra Ep. 183: Propagandizing The War On Conservative Americans

Radio Contra Ep. 183 NC Scout covers the murder case of 18 year old Cayler Ellingson by a 41 year old Leftist, Shannon Brandt, in North Dakota because Ellingson was a conservative and why this is going to continue in America, cheerled on by a complicit White House. Propaganda is in full swing, with books aimed at the traditional RINO Conservatives in America painting real Patriots as enemies, co-authored by a familiar name on the Right.

Radio Contra Ep. 179 and 180 – Political Warfare and Coming Troubles

Episode 179. Mike Belcher on Conservative Political Warfare. I’m joined by Mike Belcher, candidate for New Hampshire State House, to talk political warfare for conservatives. Coming into a adulthood raised in a far Left household and himself a former Leftist Environmental activist, he describes the exact steps the Left in America is taking, how he became a Conservative and a Christian, and how to beat the Marxist ideology at its own game.

Radio Contra Ep. 179 Mike Belcher on Conservative Political Warfare

Episode 180. The Coming American Troubles with Chris Weatherman. I’m joined by Chris Weatherman, author of the best selling Going Home series, to talk the coming troubles in America and the incitement of leftist political violence as a result of last night’s speech from President Biden.

Radio Contra Ep. 180 The Coming American Troubles with Chris Weatherman

Radio Contra Ep. 177 The Mar-a-Lago Raid and DC Desperation

Here is NC Scout’s Radio Contra episode 177 – The Mar-a-Lago Raid and DC Desperation

I dive into the FBI’s raid on Mar a Lago last week and exactly how this ends any question of weaponized federal agencies against DC’s political enemies. Now that the jig is up, what will they do next? They may have already telegraphed their intent.

Radio Contra Ep. 177 – The Mar-a-Lago Raid and DC Desperation

Radio Contra Ep. 174: NYC Nuclear Attack Warnings and Survival with K of Combat Studies Group

Here is another episode of Radio Contra. This time NC Scout is talking to our old friend K from Combat Studies Group.

Episode 174. I’m joined former CIA contractor K of Combat Studies Group to talk NYC’s latest nuclear attack PSA and their advocacy of the public to pack go bags in the event of an attack. We break down personal considerations for survival, gear selection, and beating the constant state of psychological warfare being imposed upon us.

Radio Contra Ep. 174: NYC Nuclear Attack Warnings and Survival with K of Combat Studies Group

Radio Contra Ep. 170 & 171: Civil War and Resilient Communities

Here are two Radio Contra podcast episodes from NC Scout of Brushbreater and American Partisan. Episode 170 deals with current fears of a US civil war, while Episode 171 is an interview with Bob Griswold on Resilient Communities.

Episode 170. Breaking down the story regarding half of Americans seeing Civil War on the horizon, I explain why this is not a strictly conservative position, and why you cannot afford to disregard the role the Left is playing – and preparing – in fomenting what they see as the next revolution. Next I dive into Facebook disclosing ‘private’ messages among Antifa activists to the FBI and what this means for you. Last, I give a quick review of the new spy fiction series “The Old Man’.

Radio Contra Ep. 170 Americans Seeing Civil War on the Horizon?

Episode 171. I’m joined by Bob Griswold of Ready Made Resources to talk community preparedness and why the prepper community needs to break away from the individualist mindset through recognizing what the militant Left is currently doing.

Radio Contra Ep. 171 Bob Griswold on Resilient Communities

Radio Contra Ep. 169 World Events with Angery American

In Radio Contra podcasts’s episode 169, NC Scout talks to Angery American, Chris Weatherman, author of the bestseller Going Home series, to break down the geopolitical events here in the US, who’s in the chute to be the next VP when Biden gets removed, the NYC Nuclear Attack PSA, and the Russian and Chinese position in this.

Radio Contra Ep. 169

Radio Contra Ep 167 & 168 – Digital Communications and James Wesley, Rawles

Here we are with another entry from NC Scout and his Radio Contra podcast, episode 167. His content is often too good to miss.

I cover the predicted election victory of Gustavo Petro in Colombia and the brewing issues as a result, then dive into some of the lessons learned from the RTO Course in Wyoming and what the students were able to achieve in a way we’ve never been able to accomplish in the past. Chief among them was the implementation of digital communications with inexpensive Baofengs over an incredible distance while using improvised antennas the students built. Last I dive into a ridiculous article coming from Slate labeling anyone with an interest in radio as being a ‘right wing extremist’, blatantly ignoring what the radical violent Left actually is doing.

There is also episode 168, which is an interview with preparedness writer and blogger James Wesley, Rawles.

I’m joined by James Wesley, Rawles of to break down the developments from Davos and the World Economic Forum, the looming disaster in the Eurozone and the growing economic hegemony looking to supplant the US Dollar as the world reserve currency. We then break down some of the lessons in guerrilla warfare from Ukraine and training tips people need to focus on now for an uncertain US future.

Radio Contra Ep. 166 The Next Civil War

In NC Scout’s Radio Contra episode 166, he dives into the unfolding situation with the Lake Mead drought threatening Las Vegas’ water reserves, and how this is a preview of future civil conflict here in the US. Related to that is the reality that civil conflict does not occur without a substantial economic interest behind it and the next war in the US will be no different.

Radio Contra Episode 166: The Next Civil War

Radio Contra Ep. 161 – Joe Dolio of Tactical Wisdom

In Radio Contra episode 161, NC Scout interviews Joe Dolio of Tactical Wisdom.

Episode 161. I’m joined by Joe Dolio of Tactical Wisdom to break down the Uvalde shooting and discuss your responsibility as armed Americans for your own protection. Next we move into Russia’s next moves in Ukraine and westward, and what’s preparing to unfold in South America.