Radio Contra Ep. 179 and 180 – Political Warfare and Coming Troubles

Episode 179. Mike Belcher on Conservative Political Warfare. I’m joined by Mike Belcher, candidate for New Hampshire State House, to talk political warfare for conservatives. Coming into a adulthood raised in a far Left household and himself a former Leftist Environmental activist, he describes the exact steps the Left in America is taking, how he became a Conservative and a Christian, and how to beat the Marxist ideology at its own game.

Radio Contra Ep. 179 Mike Belcher on Conservative Political Warfare

Episode 180. The Coming American Troubles with Chris Weatherman. I’m joined by Chris Weatherman, author of the best selling Going Home series, to talk the coming troubles in America and the incitement of leftist political violence as a result of last night’s speech from President Biden.

Radio Contra Ep. 180 The Coming American Troubles with Chris Weatherman