Brushbeater Publishes The Guerrilla’s Guide to the Baofeng

NC Scout of Brushbeater has written The Guerrilla’s Guide to the Baofeng which is now available on Amazon. It’s an 8″x10″ paperback with 156 pages. If you are interested in the austere use of radio communications or you purchased an inexpensive Baofeng radio in order to be prepared and are wondering how to use it, then add this to your Christmas list.

The Guerrilla’s Guide To The Baofeng Radio is out and ready for purchase!

Amazon link:

Its been a long time in the making, but the book is finally out. With chapters on communications planning, improvised antennas, operational considerations for sustainment, tactical and clandestine purposes, digital operations and yes, encryption, this book is an easy to follow how-to manual taking you from whatever your knowledge base may be and takes it to the next level.

From the blurb on Amazon:

The Guerrilla’s Guide To The Baofeng Radio is a handbook for those finding themselves in an austere environment, an underground resistance, or going into harm’s way with one of the most common pieces of communications equipment in the world. Going far beyond simple programming or what’s written from the Amateur Radio perspective, this manual goes in-depth on how to communicate, creating a communications plan, improvised wire antennas, digital operations and encryption in an easy to follow, step-by-step format based on combat proven methods. Whether you’ve just invested in a few of the inexpensive radios for an uncertain future or find yourself in rough corners of the world, this manual covers how to create communications where there otherwise would be none.

And the author info on Amazon:

NC Scout is the pseudonym of a former member of one of the US Army’s premier special reconnaissance units with two combat deployments to Iraq and one to Afghanistan. He runs Brushbeater Training and Consulting, which teaches courses on small unit tactics, communications and survival based on skills he learned while serving to prepare people for uncertain times ahead. He is the owner and senior editor of American Partisan, and can be found on his podcast, Radio Contra.