Charles Carroll Society: Why America Is Coming Apart

The Charles Carroll Society writes about similarities between Breonna Taylor and Gary Willis. I’ve said many times that I wish conservatives and liberals could realize that most of what they both protest against is evil grown from the same root of unrestrained government. It is to the government’s benefit that the two sides blame each other instead. Here is Why America is coming apart | The Story of cops & 0 dark 30 #BreonnaTaylor

It is dark in the early morning.  An American citizen is in bed.  Law enforcement arrives at an American citizen’s home to serve a warrant. They are entering a home they never visited. The encounter in this citizen’s house leads to the police shooting the citizen to death. Later the state found the shooting was justified. Procedures were modified, but the same type of warrants are being served today. Breonna Taylor? No, Gary Willis.

You see, law enforcement was serving a “red flag” warrant on Mr. Willis. The state was seizing all of his guns and kicking him out of his home; a home he had shared with his own family for 20 years. Gary Willis of of Ferndale, Maryland decided he would rather die on his feet, in his home then let the United States Government and the State of Maryland size his guns and take away his home. [Bard Note:  So few people care about Gary Willis, I can not even find a photo of the man.  If anyone has it, please send me a link in the comments below, so  we can at least remember him here on the CCS.]

And this is one reason America is coming apart. Our lack of empathy. Most of the people screaming “say her name” have never heard of Gary Willis.  But I would assume many support Red Flag laws because they do not like firearms or the men who own them.  Many on the Patriot Right who understand the horrible infraction on Natural Rights of Red Flag laws, are not overly sympathetic to the plight of Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

All of my life, I have felt relatively alone. A black kid from Chicago’s inner-city, the first male in my family to graduate college, live overseas, collect two red cents to his name. Black conservative.  Black Roman Catholic.  I feel the absolute rage of the state breaking into anyone’s home over an absolute useless “war on American drug users.”  Yet “getting rid of all police” is utter nonsense.  As I watch our government fail, once again, I feel like I am the only one who can see the fact that both Breonna Taylor and Gary Willis were killed by the same state, in their homes.  In both cases, it was immoral.

Breonna Taylor was no saint. If you want to know how involved she was take a look at some actual reporting at Tatum Report.  He apparently got a report from a detective which was also given to the grand jury leaked to his site.  Per Tatum’s reporting, Breonna’s car were seen at a “trap house” or drug house numerous times. Photo evidence is in the link.  The police suspected that the trap house would have drugs or money delivered to Breonna Taylor’s home.

The police had the right house [Bard Note:  I got that wrong on social media previously] but they had not charge Breonna Taylor with any crime. They had a No Knock Warrant but allegedly didn’t use it.  They were unaware of Breonna Taylor actually breaking any law, although she was around some unsavory people.  I do not know what Breonna Taylor was doing for money after being fired from being an Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), but there is every evidence that she was somehow involved with people who were themselves involved in the illegal drug trade.

Kenneth Walker who was her live in boyfriend was a legal gun owner.  He knew that Breonna’s ex-boyfriend was dangerous.  It was 0300 in the morning.  He admits that he heard knocking, but he says he did not hear the police announce themselves.  I believe him, there is a good chance that we would not hear what the hell someone said at the front door either.  Kenneth Walker says he hears banging at the door, and no announcement.  He returns to his bedroom, retrieves his legally owned handgun.  When the door shatters inward, he fires one “warning shot.”   Allegedly he hits an officer.  His attorneys say there is evidence that he did not hit the officer, but that the officers hit each other.  The officers fire 40  – 50 shots into the house, hitting Breonna Taylor six times killing her.  Kenneth Walker is not hit at all. 

There is a lesson here. First there are no warning shots. The minute you decided to pull the trigger, you must keep firing until the “threat is neutralized.”  That is the only way to survive a gun fight. The other lesson is: Kill. Anyone. Who. Forcibly enters. Your. Home.

I am also certain Gary Willis was no saint. His own family had called the police. They claimed that Mr. Willis was an alcoholic and “harassed” the other family members living in the home. There were many arguments over the care of their mother, who also lived in the house. In my opinion, Gary Willis’ family bears the ultimate responsibility for his killing.  If they had figured out how to handle their problems without calling the police, the police would not have killed him.

Republicans will often fall for “destruction of character” argument. Gary Willis was a bad guy because of this. Breonna Taylor was a bad woman because of that. These arguments fall utterly flat. Implying bad people deserve to be killed in their homes.  I think most Americans, and probably a good percentage of Republicans, are thoroughly sick of your lost war on drugs.  “Flushing drugs down the toilet” is not worth people’s lives.

Killing American citizens in their homes is not making us safer.  And no matter if these people are problems, did they deserve to die defending themselves in their homes against the state?  Be careful what you wish for Christian Patriot.  Law Enforcement obey the State.  And when the State is in the hands of President Kamala Harris, whose house do you think they will be breaking in at 0 dark 30?

Even if these people are unsavory, waking them up in their home at 0 dark 30 and killing them if they resist is immoral.  We must find a better way.  And until the Left cares about what happened to Gary Willis, and the Right cares about Breonna Taylor, this nation will continue to break come apart.