Columbia Safety: Lethal Force Training

Columbia Safety is offering a Lethal Force for Civilians class on Saturday, June 22nd from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Lethal Force for Civilians
This is a 4-hour course for a fee of $99 per student.

Using real case studies, attendees will learn safety and home security strategies for surviving a critical incident. Combat mindset, carry conditions and factors that impact human response under stressful conditions are all covered. Defense of persons vs property, when it is legal and when it’s not will be made clear. We will also cover  pre-planning strategies to help you identify a threat sooner  and win  the lethal encounter. We will discuss what to expect in the post-force aftermath and we’ll help you be prepared for the worst through responsible ownership practices and recommended strategies in self-defense.  

Instruction is by Liberty Training Tri-Cities and the class is held at Columbia Safety in Kennewick.

Click here for the registration page.