Seattle Times: Dems Introduce Bill Banning Firearms on Capitol Campus

This Seattle Times story incorrectly states that the protestors were on the Capitol campus for a rally for Rep. Matt Shea, when they were actually there for the Rally 4 Ur Rights, gun rights rally at which Shea was a speaker. Rep. JT Wilcox is the alleged Republican representative who suspended Rep. Matt Shea after a Democrat hit piece was distributed in the guise of a report. Wilcox enjoys a good relationship with house Democrats because he is so compromising and attentive to their wishes.

Washington state Rep. Tana Senn, D-Mercer Island, on Monday introduced a bill  to ban firearms on the Capitol campus after lawmakers and staff were left shaken Friday when more than 100 armed demonstrators showed up to apparently protest the treatment of Rep. Matt Shea.

The protesters, some carrying long guns and tactical gear, did not have a permit to demonstrate on the site. They were there attempting to speak with House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, R-Yelm, according to House officials…

Friday’s demonstration is not the first to included armed protesters rallying at the Capitol for Shea — and denouncing Wilcox. The Washington State Patrol began investigating potential online threats made against Wilcox in the run-up to a gun-rights rally last month where Shea spoke.

On Friday, Wilcox was away, but the demonstrators allegedly berated his legislative aide, using profanity.

“Obviously we’re concerned about what happened,” said House Chief Clerk Bernard Dean. “They were here specifically for Shea and they verbally abused Rep. Wilcox’s legislative assistant…”

The appearance of armed demonstrators at the Capitol building and another legislative building used for House hearings upset children and staffers, according to Senn…

He said he doesn’t agree with Senn’s House Bill 2925 to ban firearms at the campus, saying, “We’ve had decades of peaceful Second Amendment rallies” at the Capitol.