Redoubt News: Confronting the WA State GOP

An article from Redoubt news on precinct committee member Meg Harrison who dove into the Rampart Report, interviewing witnesses and participants and coming to a much different conclusion than what has been told by the press or within the GOP party.

Confronting the Washington State GOP

An elected precinct Committee-person from Pierce County, Washington has sent a letter to Republicans in Olympia and around the state, questioning why they threw their elected colleague under the bus.

Meg Harrison was shocked when she read the Rampart Report concerning Rep. Matt Shea. She spent the next couple of weeks tracking down and interviewing witnesses and participants, and got a very different version of events than what the House Leadership has shown the public.

The letter questions the leadership more than the investigation, calling them out for “the apparent unscrupulous methods in which our legislature feels entitled to conduct themselves.

Harrison states that she spent time over the past few weeks easily disproving the Rampart Report through interviews and documents that were readily obtained. She shows disturbing evidence that the leadership of the State GOP accepted, without verification, this “untrue political hit-piece full of libel.”

She continues on in the 6 page letter, “The most prevalent question has been, “If I can so easily find this information, speak to these candid witnesses who were literally at the sites of these three events, find court documents and other material facts – how is it that Rampart Group failed to find any of the same information with their vast resources or even pick up the phone to call any of the ‘actual’ witnesses who were present?”

A very disturbing section of the letter highlights how the Rampart group, headed by Kathy Leodler, were to label political opponents with threat levels for the purpose of allowing the Democrat Party to target and penalize any Conservatives.

The Rampart Group has also been tasked by the House of Representatives (on our dime,by the way) in politically targeting Conservatives in Washington state in what looks like the assemblage of a ‘list of political opponents and assigning citizens a threat level assessment’ in which the Democratic party would be more than capable of targeting and penalizing without due process any Conservative who does not agree with their political ideology.

Redoubt News obtained a copy of the letter, sent today, in which Harrison states that she has seen the “documentation that proves the Rampart Report as such a falsification that I was dumb-founded that anyone would even hold it up in part, or its entirety, as anything even remotely resembling truth.“

Harrison also questions why the membership of the “Executive Rules Committee” was kept secret from the citizenry, yet available to “an Arizona woman of questionable psychological stability.” Apparently this same woman, who is also known for engaging in “extremely dangerous and volatile firearms behavior” has publicly listed the “Executive Rules Committee” to include: Mr. John Lovick, Mr. Pat Sullivan, Mr. Eric Pettigrew, Mr. J.T. Wilcox, Mr. Joel Kretz and Ms. Laurie Jinkins.

She then asks a series of questions which touch on each of the events in question.

Harrison questions why the Rampart group did not even mention the “Wooten Memo“, where this whistleblower outlined atrocities committed by the government, including the “Kill Book” kept by Daniel Love.

She questions why Kathy Leodler and her group did not even try to call Bonner County Idaho Sheriff Daryl Wheeler, who was Sheriff at the time of the John Arnold ‘Advocacy Rally’, and is still Sheriff today. (They could have asked him why he attended the event, and how his office classified the rally attendees, and numerous other questions to shed proper light on this event, from a law enforcement perspective.)

Why did they omit the fact that Representative Shea worked with the FBI to negotiate a de-escalation at the Malheur Refuge? Why didn’t they include the recordings from the court cases in their evidence? Could it be because the recordings prove that Rep. Shea was not a party to planning any of the mentioned events?

She also questions “Under what authority does the Republican Party give permission in the House of Representatives to sign a ‘Personal Services Contract” with a private investigation firm [Rampart Group] for work that includes:

Assess the level of threat of political violence posed by these individuals and groups” i.e. Washington state citizens and Republican Party Constituents.

This was ordered by the House of Representatives without warrant, cause or any due process on behalf of the citizens that they are instructing Rampart Group to investigate and ‘assess.’

The entire letter can be read with the article at Redoubt News.