Redoubt News: Confronting the WA State GOP

An article from Redoubt news on precinct committee member Meg Harrison who dove into the Rampart Report, interviewing witnesses and participants and coming to a much different conclusion than what has been told by the press or within the GOP party.

Confronting the Washington State GOP

An elected precinct Committee-person from Pierce County, Washington has sent a letter to Republicans in Olympia and around the state, questioning why they threw their elected colleague under the bus.

Meg Harrison was shocked when she read the Rampart Report concerning Rep. Matt Shea. She spent the next couple of weeks tracking down and interviewing witnesses and participants, and got a very different version of events than what the House Leadership has shown the public.

The letter questions the leadership more than the investigation, calling them out for “the apparent unscrupulous methods in which our legislature feels entitled to conduct themselves.

Harrison states that she spent time over the past few weeks easily disproving the Rampart Report through interviews and documents that were readily obtained. She shows disturbing evidence that the leadership of the State GOP accepted, without verification, this “untrue political hit-piece full of libel.”

She continues on in the 6 page letter, “The most prevalent question has been, “If I can so easily find this information, speak to these candid witnesses who were literally at the sites of these three events, find court documents and other material facts – how is it that Rampart Group failed to find any of the same information with their vast resources or even pick up the phone to call any of the ‘actual’ witnesses who were present?”

A very disturbing section of the letter highlights how the Rampart group, headed by Kathy Leodler, were to label political opponents with threat levels for the purpose of allowing the Democrat Party to target and penalize any Conservatives.

The Rampart Group has also been tasked by the House of Representatives (on our dime,by the way) in politically targeting Conservatives in Washington state in what looks like the assemblage of a ‘list of political opponents and assigning citizens a threat level assessment’ in which the Democratic party would be more than capable of targeting and penalizing without due process any Conservative who does not agree with their political ideology.

Redoubt News obtained a copy of the letter, sent today, in which Harrison states that she has seen the “documentation that proves the Rampart Report as such a falsification that I was dumb-founded that anyone would even hold it up in part, or its entirety, as anything even remotely resembling truth.“

Harrison also questions why the membership of the “Executive Rules Committee” was kept secret from the citizenry, yet available to “an Arizona woman of questionable psychological stability.” Apparently this same woman, who is also known for engaging in “extremely dangerous and volatile firearms behavior” has publicly listed the “Executive Rules Committee” to include: Mr. John Lovick, Mr. Pat Sullivan, Mr. Eric Pettigrew, Mr. J.T. Wilcox, Mr. Joel Kretz and Ms. Laurie Jinkins.

She then asks a series of questions which touch on each of the events in question.

Harrison questions why the Rampart group did not even mention the “Wooten Memo“, where this whistleblower outlined atrocities committed by the government, including the “Kill Book” kept by Daniel Love.

She questions why Kathy Leodler and her group did not even try to call Bonner County Idaho Sheriff Daryl Wheeler, who was Sheriff at the time of the John Arnold ‘Advocacy Rally’, and is still Sheriff today. (They could have asked him why he attended the event, and how his office classified the rally attendees, and numerous other questions to shed proper light on this event, from a law enforcement perspective.)

Why did they omit the fact that Representative Shea worked with the FBI to negotiate a de-escalation at the Malheur Refuge? Why didn’t they include the recordings from the court cases in their evidence? Could it be because the recordings prove that Rep. Shea was not a party to planning any of the mentioned events?

She also questions “Under what authority does the Republican Party give permission in the House of Representatives to sign a ‘Personal Services Contract” with a private investigation firm [Rampart Group] for work that includes:

Assess the level of threat of political violence posed by these individuals and groups” i.e. Washington state citizens and Republican Party Constituents.

This was ordered by the House of Representatives without warrant, cause or any due process on behalf of the citizens that they are instructing Rampart Group to investigate and ‘assess.’

The entire letter can be read with the article at Redoubt News.

Redoubt News: ID Rep. Scott Flips the Narrative on the Media

Here is Redoubt News on attempts by the media and democrats to smear Idaho Rep. Heather Scott and her responses.

There have been multiple media attacks on Washington Rep. Matt Shea over the biased, unofficial report the Democrat leaders in Olympia forced on the taxpayers. Over $100,000 later, they still have not come up with any proof of their outrageous allegations against this man.

As they continue their attempts to smear his good name throughout the Main Stream Media (MSM), they have extended their net to include anyone that was (inadvertently or not) mentioned in the Rampart Group’s Wikipedia-sourced report, specifically Republican elected officials.

Since the goal of the Marxists Media is to make conservatives look as damaging to the public as possible, is it any wonder that no one wants to talk to them? How about when the narrative gets flipped back on them as they get caught in their own sleazy web?

The latest is an attempt by leftist media to scandalize and disgrace the good name of an Idaho legislator, Representative Heather Scott. She saw through the narrative and brought her findings to the public, shining light where the Democrats fear to tread.

A left-wing radical columnist was named as contacting multiple people in his attempts to get someone to talk dirt on Rep. Scott. This author can attest to it as well, as he contacted me during this time asking me to speak about Representative Scott as pertaining to my interview with her here: Exclusive: Idaho Rep. Scott on Liberal Media Attacks

Scott tells you in the video of the Federal Government’s definitions of extremists. She references the DHS Domestic Extremism Lexicon...

Click here to read the entire article at Redoubt News.

Redoubt News: County GOPs Uniting Against Rogue Repubs in Olympia

From Redoubt News,

J.T. Wilcox, the leader of the Washington State Republicans has admitted to working with the Democrats in their efforts to oust Representative Matt Shea.

Shea, one of the most effective leaders of the Washington State Republicans battle for Freedom and Liberty, has been under attack from Marxist leaders within his state. These attacks are coming from both the opposing Democrat party and House Republicans, led by Wilcox.

Holding onto the Rampart report for several weeks, Wilcox refused to allow the elected representative access to the information. Wilcox, however, planned ahead and was ready when the report finally became available to the public.

Within minutes of it’s release, Wilcox made an official statement which included, “House Republican Leadership has suspended Representative Matt Shea from the caucus and removed him from his ranking position on the House Environment and Energy Committee. He will also be removed from his House committees.”

Wilcox has repeated his assertion that a large part of his reasoning included Rep. Shea’s not giving a statement to the Rampart Group during their investigation.

“Representative Shea was given an opportunity to communicate with investigators and chose not to.”

I really wish someone would sit down with the House minority leader and explain how the law works. The accused is not required to make a statement. The burden of proof is on the prosecution, in this case the House of Representatives, including J.T. Wilcox. Accusations are not proof of guilt. The whole thing is based on innuendo and rumors. It does not even rise to the level of circumstantial evidence…

Multiple groups throughout the State of Washington are passing resolutions in support of Rep. Matt Shea. They are united in their belief that Rep. Shea has not been afforded Due Process, and that this is a cornerstone of our Judicial system…

Therefore, be it Resolved by the Kitsap County Republican Party:

1) that all citizens, including Representative Matthew Shea, are to be afforded full rights of due process in any venue, legal or otherwise,

2) that the presumption of innocence must be given AND vigorously defended at all times,

3) that House Republican Leadership has denied Rep. Shea the right of due process and the right of open justice without unnecessary delay,

4) that the KCRP admonishes the actions of House Republican Leadership toward Rep. Shea and demand that he be restored in full to all privileges and rights enjoyed prior to the public release of the investigation report, and

5) that the KCRP calls upon all levels of Republican Leadership and the Washington State Republican Party to stand up for the rule of law and protection of individual rights, and to adopt similar resolutions in this matter.

Several more resolutions have been passed throughout the State:

Grant County Republican Party said they will pull all support from any legislator that supports removing Shea from his office.

Pierce County Republicans are questioning the integrity of J.T. WIlcox, and has said that he has denied Rep. Shea Due Process. They are ready to pull support from any legislator that hampers Shea prior to that being given.

Whatcom County Republicans admonished the actions of the House Leader and are demanding that all of Rep. Shea’s rights be restored to him.

Skamania County voiced there displeasure by demanding the rights of Rep. Shea be reinstated. They are also willing to remove their endorsement of anyone voting to expel Shea.

The Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington State points out that Kathy Leodler, head of the Rampart Group, is a contributor to supporter of far-left democrats and Marxists, and are demanding that Matt Shea be restored his rights…

Redoubt News: Liberty State Exceeds All Expectations

From a recent article published by Redoubt NewsLiberty State Exceeds All Expectations:

…Recognizing that the Left Coast will not handle things well if they lose the production east of the Cascades, the Socialist Democrats have been actively trying to shut down the movement to form the new state.

The 51st State has received enormous negative press from the Socialist Main Stream Media lately. Headlines that were, at the very least, disingenuous have been attempting to derail all efforts at spreading the word to the citizens.

These attempts to manipulate a shut down of the movement to split the state have been rampant, yet it seems that it may be backfiring. Rising numbers were obvious when the Spokane County Fair came to town.

Redoubt News visited the fair this weekend to see how the public response was coming along. We saw several dozen people pass through the booth in the short period we were there which would seem to prove the old adage that “There is no such thing as Bad Press.”

Volunteers tell us that the response exceed their expectations with 99% being positive toward Liberty State. They gathered hundreds of signatures this weekend on a petition they tell me is a county-wide advisory vote. Volunteers say they are willing to visit every county in the state, including those on the west side, as support has been coming in from all quarters…

Redoubt News: Facebook Punishes 800+ Conservatives

From Redoubt News, Facebook Punishes 800+ Conservatives, dated Oct. 11, 2018.

The Washington Post has reported on Thursday that Facebook is continuing it’s purge on “more than 800 U.S. publishers and accounts for flooding users with politically oriented content that violated the company’s spam policies, a move that could reignite accusations of political censorship.”

We saw many conservatives shut down this week as Facebook makes every appearance of attempting to meddle in the Mid-Term elections. This author’s personal account has been shut down again for sharing Conservative articles and viewpoints.

The WaPo article continued to tell us:

“Some had hundreds of thousands of followers and expressed a range of political viewpoints, including a page that billed itself as “the first publication to endorse President Donald J. Trump.” They did not appear to have ties to Russia, company officials said.

But the move to target U.S. politically oriented sites, just weeks before the congressional midterms, is sure to be a flash point for political groups and their allies, who are already accusing the tech giant of political bias and arbitrary censorship of political content.

The claims of Russian operatives using Facebook to target American voters ahead of the 2016 U.S. presidential election has been the excuse for Facebook to shut down Free Speech on sites and individuals of their choosing, yet it does not seem arbitrary. They give every indication they have specifically decided who will be shut down and who will not.

The conservative political pages and content is the special focus of the purge, as they have shown that other content they call extreme will be left alone.

Wired tells us that:

Channel 4’s Dispatches documentary on Facebook moderation shows staff being told to leave extreme content on the site because “if you start censoring too much then people lose interest in the platform”

Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee told the programme that this kind of material is “the crack cocaine of their product – the really extreme, really dangerous form of content that attracts the most highly engaged people on the platform”.

According to McNamee, Facebook understands that it is advantageous for people to spend more time on the platform so they can view more advertising. And to maximise your appeal to people’s eyeballs, he argues, you need extreme content. “One person on the extreme can easily provoke 50 or 100 people so they want as much extreme content as they can get.”

Facebook has implemented this conservative purge just weeks before a highly-charged Mid-Term election in the United States. Liberal Democrats have seen their numbers slide dramatically during the recent Supreme Court nomination hearings and calls for violence by Left-Wing Extremist politicians, such as Maxine Waters, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton

Read the entire article at Redoubt News by clicking here.


ZeroHedge: Facebook Purges Over 800 Accounts With Millions Of Followers; Prominent Conservatives Vanish