American Partisan: Armed Citizens Must Defend Their Communities

Former Navy Seal Matt Bracken at American Partisan writes Armed Citizens Must Defend Their Communities from Rioting Mobs If the Politicized Police Will Not.

In societies living under the Rule of Law, sworn Law Enforcement (LE) officers have always been considered fully justified in applying lethal force against violent mobs during arson riots, such as those which have been occurring with regularity in American cities during the terrible summer of 2020. This was the intent and meaning of police officials publicly “Reading the Riot Act,” announcing over a loudspeaker that a violent mob had been declared to be an unlawful assembly, that is to say, a riot. Rioters who lingered on the street after that final warning could be engaged by LE at any level up to and including the use of deadly force, with no further announcement.

This was, in prior more civilized times, a basic understanding of all citizens living under the Rule of Law. This is why a police officer’s standard-issue pump shotgun was traditionally referred to as a “riot gun” long before the development of modern less-than-lethal munitions. This is also why arson riots were uncommon and short-lived. Everyone understood the ground rules. There was no right to burn, loot or murder.

Thomas Sowell put it this way: “If you are not prepared to use force to defend civilization, then be prepared to accept barbarism.” Note that he did not say “the government” or “the police department.” He said YOU.

ABR, my own acronym for the current working coalition of Antifa, BLM and the Revolutionary Communist Party of the U.S.,  are now routinely using Molotov cocktails (gasoline bombs) and other incendiary/explosive devices as offensive weapons in both an anti-personnel and anti-property (arson) role. As far as the BATFE is concerned, a Molotov cocktail is an illegal explosive device, and so are powerful high-altitude fireworks, when they are deployed at ground level as anti-personnel and anti-property explosive/incendiary grenades.

ABR deliberately uses the anonymity of their black-clad and face-masked mobs to conceal the identity of their individual bomb throwers, in exactly the same way that 19th Century Ku Klux Klan night riders carrying torches on arson missions concealed their identities with white robes and hoods. There is no moral or ethical requirement for either police or ordinary citizens protecting their communities from violent mobs to identify and ferret out the individual bomb throwers, when the rest of the mob is intentionally surrounding them in order to shield them from that identification. Because of the deliberately created synergy of bomb throwers utilizing the anonymity of the mob, the entire ABR mob becomes a legitimate target for police arrest or armed community self-defense.

Furthermore, at this writing in September of 2020, there is no moral or ethical requirement for a law-abiding American citizen to wait for a lit Molotov cocktail or any other incendiary or explosive device to crash through the window of their home or business, while ABR mobs are rampaging through the streets conducting arson attacks. Once the fires begin, morally and ethically, the same Rules for the Use of Force (RUF) should apply that would attach to a lynch mob, or to Ku Klux Klan night riders on their way to burn homes or businesses. Both KKK night riders bearing torches in olden times, and violent mobs of ABR terrorists with Molotov cocktails and other incendiary devices today, can and should be engaged by armed citizens with any necessary level of force required to halt their terroristic depredations.

In numerous recent cases, law enforcement under Leftist political control has repeatedly abdicated its traditional and expected role in breaking up violent riots and preventing arson and other terror attacks. Week by week, the level of ABR violence has been steadily escalating, and it’s logical to assume that it will only worsen as the hotly-contested presidential election draws near.

So let me be very clear: if Democrat Party governors, mayors and DAs have hamstrung their police for political reasons, and won’t allow them to protect the lives and property of their local citizens using all required force, abandoning their primary mission in order to bow to the ABR mob, then it is time for their undefended citizens to apply the clear intent of the Second Amendment. There should be deep regret about the abandonment of the Rule of Law by the Democrat Party political ruling class, but there should be no moral quibbles or hesitation by American citizens concerning the legitimacy of armed community self defense, in the absence of expected law enforcement protection.

Therefore, it is my carefully considered opinion that black-clad and masked ABR mobs, rampaging and terrorizing innocent citizens under the cover of darkness in the style of the KKK of old, may morally and ethically be taken under preemptive fire by armed citizens at any level necessary to drive them out of their peaceful neighborhoods and away from their businesses, before the terrorists can reach their targets and throw their Molotov cocktails and other explosive and incendiary devices.

As an historical note, it should be understood that the National Rifle Association was founded after the last American Civil War by former Union Army officers, (and Republicans at that), in order to empower freed African-American former slaves to defend themselves with firearms against KKK night raids. In the 19th Century, the Democrat Party, then allied with the Klan, (as the Democrats of today are aligned with Antifa and BLM), had favored strict gun control, in the form of narrowly written laws restricting the legal ownership of firearms by free black citizens.

The more things change…the more they stay the same.

The Captain’s Journal has a few comments on Matt’s article.

…You cannot entrust your safety to an assumption.  You do not know the intent of the invaders, and maybe they don’t even know their intent.

Third, even if the rioters don’t intend to douse you with gasoline and set you on fire, there can be unintended consequences and collateral damage.  It’s extremely dangerous to have rioters and looters rampaging through neighborhoods.

Regardless of intent (which can’t be known anyway), women and children can perish.  Men cannot allow that to happen.  Men cannot allow increased danger to come to their loved ones if they can stop it.

Having said all of that, be careful.  Your enemy isn’t just Antifa/BLM.  Your enemy is the state as well, who will prosecute you for self defense.  They did with Kyle Rittenhouse, and they did with the McCloskeys.  They’ll do it to you too.

Grey Man at American Partisan adds his comments on the above two posts.

…NEVER go anywhere alone. Kyle Rittenhouse defended himself masterfully for his situation, but to my knowledge, he started out with a group of people. He found himself alone at some point. Do not find yourself alone. Don’t leave your group. AntiFa isn’t going to, so you don’t either.

Civil Defense Manual by Jack Lawson on Sale Now

Jack Lawson is one of the co-authors of the now out-of-print but still much sought after book A Failure of Civility. He has now published Civil Defense Manual, Vol. I & II: How to Prepare and Protect Your Neighborhood from Disaster, Riot and Civil Unrest.

What’s in the Civil Defense Manual?

An overview of some subjects…

  • How to protect and secure your neighborhood against riot, civil unrest and fire using the CDM Neighborhood Protection PlanTM concept.
  • How to determine the level of danger from mobs where you live with this simple calculator
  • Checklists of items you must immediately purchase when Extraordinary Catastrophic Events strike in practical check box checklist forms
  • Tips on how to survive a gun battle
  • How to get gas station fuel from underground tanks in a total Grid Down situation
  • How neighbors can make their area a secure fortress by using simple military tactics
  • Night fighting without night vision equipment-written by a Navy SEAL Officer
  • Water sources, where are they and how to make water drinkable
  • Emergency lighting on and off the grid, how to make a torch and lamp, how to make lamp oil from trees, how to make candles and wicks
  • A simple way to store chicken eggs without refrigeration for up to two years
  • What you need for individual/cooperative tools, supplies, equipment needed for survival
  • Improvised security devices, improvised weapons and improvised attack vehicles
  • How to make your own N95 equivalent reusable face mask
  • The most probable catastrophes that are looming and what their characteristics will be
  • How to make a bullet cause a shotgun effect by using the ‘skipping rounds’ technique
  • Where and how to get salt from Mother Nature virtually anywhere
  • The step by step procedure of organizing your neighborhood and how to put it in action
  • What to buy in emergency foods and proper storage
  • Cold weather refuge from freezing without burning fuel
  • How to make Pemmican-the long-term storage food staple that provides everything you need in one food source
  • Marksmanship fundamentals… how to logically and properly choose your firearm
  • Medical information and resources and alternative pain control methods
  • How to make your own hand sanitizer
  • All about short and long-range radio communications
  • Dental care, how to protect your teeth without a dentist and pain control methods
  • How to make your own toothbrush and toothpaste
  • What fuel to store and how to store it.
  • The ABCs of alternative power sources
  • How to survive hypothermia and cold weather when others die
  • How to aggressively defend your neighborhood using strategies and simple military tactics that will defeat far superior forces
  • How to survive biological infectious disease and protective equipment needed
  • Principles of an Area Tactical Proactive Defense, patrolling and house clearing
  • Strategic and tactical principles of thought
  • Tactics… Plain language explanations, that even with no military or Law Enforcement background, you can understand. Tactical and strategic principles, effects and movement:
    • All Around Defense
    • Fields of Fire
    • Interlocking Fields of Fire
    • Supporting Fields of Fire
    • Element of Surprise
    • Force Multiplier Effect
    • Violence of Action
    • Economy of Force
    • Kill Zone maze
    • Defense In Depth
    • Flanking Attack principles
    • L Shaped Ambush
    • Cover and Fire Movement
    • Fall Back Fighting Positions
    • Area Tactical Proactive Defense (aggressive defense employing offensive maneuvers)
    • Serpentine Entry Control
    • Perimeter Defense and the Vauban Star Perimeter Defense principle
    • Indirect Approach Strategy
    • Employment and coordination of Inside Marksmen and OutFlanker Marksmen
    • The Rapid Response Force
    • The third Dimension of the Defensive Perimeter
    • The Castle Concept
  • Setting up long-range marksmen and observation posts
  • How to fortify and defend a suburban neighborhood, high-rise building, ranch, farm or houseboat on a lake or river
  • Where to hunker down in the city
  • How to survive hurricane, earthquake, tornados, electrical power outages
  • Why government can’t assist and why you and your neighbors are on your own.
  • Why natural gas flow will stop with most severe disasters-contrary to popular thought
  • The organizational structure needed for a CDM Neighborhood Protection PlanTM
  • Defense Perimeter principles and how to build fortifications
  • Surviving Nuclear Warfare where you are with what you have
  • The effect of an Electro Magnetic Pulse event (EMP) on you and what it will damage
  • How to build an inexpensive Faraday Cage
  • Sanitation and care for the dead made simple
  • Fire protection procedures
  • What a disaster will really be like and how to mentally prepare yourself for disaster
  • How to create an essential Intelligence Section to know what is happening in your area
  • The A to Z of underground shelters and everything you could possibly want to know
  • Security in Motion, Survival-Escape-Resistance-Evasion (SERE)
  • How to deal with family, friends and those who don’t prepare
  • Bullet proof vest protection level chart and penetration chart of common materials
  • Morse Code chart
  • Emergency Radio Frequency list
  • The Military Phonetic Alphabet
  • Calculation form for food, how many people it will feed and for how long
  • Blood transfusion compatibility chart
  • Chart of Catastrophic Events and Characteristics
  • Numerous engaging and illustrative stories to heighten the learning experience
  • Book features: Large font, written in Layman terms, practical check box checklists and forms, definitions, diagrams, depictions, charts, photographs and stories

Update: Having received a copy of Civil Defense Manual, I can now see that contributing authors include Sam Culper of Forward Observer, NC Scout from Brushbeater blog, former Navy SEAL Matt Bracken, Concerned American from Western Rifle Shooters Assoc., and SELCO among others. All of those names should be familiar to readers of this website, as I’ve posted or linked to all of them previously. Their contributions are mostly in the form of chapters dealing with their specialties, like communications for NC Scout and intelligence by Sam Culper. At least some of those sections may have been previously published by those contributors. The two volumes are letter-sized paper, perfect bound, for a total of 950 pages.

See also Civil Defense Manual Store Food Now!

…The Food Weapon

No folks… not that kind of weapon. Food… or the lack thereof. Food is a weapon that can destroy people, movements, groups, nations… and those with enough power to control food and use it as a weapon… don’t have to lift a finger, fire one bullet or even engage their enemy.

All they have to do is sit back and wait for your emaciated and starved carcass to start rotting. Then what will come true is what Charles Heston said at an NRA Convention… “You can have my rifle… but you’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands!” That’s what those who use food as a weapon will do… wait until you’re dead and cold. And as an added bonus… they have that fine firearm you were going to defend your lifestyle with…

Off Grid: Self-Defense Against Sexual Assault

In Self-Defense Against Sexual Assault, three self-defense experts discuss how to avoidance and prevention techniques.

There are a lot of dangerous misconceptions about sexual assault in this country...

Data collected by the Department of Justice and the FBI over decades show that rape and sexual assault are crimes experienced by 1 in 6 American women and 1 in 33 men. Eight out of 10 rapes are committed by someone known to the victim, usually either an acquaintance or a former/current partner, and over half of all rapes take place in or near the victim’s home. In cases of sexual assault against a juvenile, the percentage of crimes committed against them by someone they know is 93 percent. The use of weapons in sexual assault, apart from the assailant’s own hands and feet, is relatively rare — 11 percent total, and slightly more guns than knives.

The truth is that for most victims, rape and sexual assault aren’t random acts of violence. They’re typically perpetrated by someone the victim knows — the hookup who had some time alone with her drink, the person in a position of authority she doesn’t feel she can say “no” to, such as a prison guard, or maybe the roommate’s boyfriend who keeps hanging out in their dorm room. This degree of familiarity brings a lot of complication with it. It’s easy to visualize violence against a predator you’ve never met before, but much harder when it’s someone you know, someone who your family likes, someone you thought you were friends with, or someone you might have to see and deal with every day…

RECOIL OFFGRID has assembled a panel of experts in the field of women’s self-defense to cover common questions about how to prevent and protect yourself from sexual assault. This panel consists of myself, martial arts trainer Cath Lauria; SIG Sauer Director of Training and Special Events Hana Bilodeau; and Rhonda Lent, who also has a background in law enforcement.

What verbal de-escalation techniques can be used to thwart an attack, and what’s the overall role of psychological self-defense?

CL: The most effective de-escalation techniques start early, and they don’t even have to be verbal to work. Setting and maintaining boundaries is the best thing a person can do to help protect themselves against assault before things get physical. Does that drunk guy at the office holiday party keep coming up to you asking for a hug? Offer a handshake instead. If he insists, tell him you’re just not interested in a hug, thanks. What if he calls you a bitch? Well, who cares what he thinks, as long as you’re safe.

sexual assault defense

If things get to the point where threats are being made, where physical boundaries are being crossed, and where you feel unsafe — this is the time for more forceful de-
escalation techniques. Volume goes up, hands go up — put a physical and a sound barrier between you. You don’t have to curse and threaten in turn, and it’s better if you don’t. Be clear: Tell them to back off, to leave you alone, shout for others to call the cops. Do this loudly. You want people to hear you, to rip away the veil of privacy and secrecy the assailant is trying to create. If they continue into physical assault after this? Then, it’s all systems go, because you know that you’ve done your best to de-escalate the situation by letting them know that attacking you is going to be a big mistake.

HB: Verbal de-escalation is an invaluable skill. As was discussed in the article, despite common misconceptions, most sexual assaults occur by someone known by the victim. Because of this familiarity, most often there’s a grooming phase prior to the actual assault. Due to manipulation on behalf of the suspect, the victim is often left confused and scared and, in many instances, doesn’t verbally or physically resist. Because of the shame that the abuse leaves behind, we find a large majority of victims don’t report the abuse immediately, if at all. It’s the responsibility of modern society to fight the root of the problem if we intend on making a notable difference. We need to breed into our youth body positivity and respect. Teach them to have a voice and how to use it. Whether a stranger or a trusted loved one, implementing “verbal Judo” could potentially be the defense that changes the outcome.

RL: I’ve been accused of “victim blaming” when discussing the development of soft skills. This is what I always say, and I will say it again. If we lived in a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to lock our houses or lock our cars. If everyone had the same moral and ethical compass and 100 percent abided by a set of rules, we wouldn’t have to take measures to protect our personal belongings from theft. The same logic applies here. The purpose of developing hard and soft self-defense skills is to minimize risk.

warning sign at a bar

Verbal De-Escalation Skills

If the threat isn’t imminent, be clear on how you want things to unfold. Self-confidence is key to verbally and nonverbally delivering what your needs are in that moment. This is about creating boundaries and is an excellent way of testing the waters in how logically the other person will respond.

Say “NO!” loud and clear. This will tell the attacker that whatever happens from that point forward isn’t consensual. When a threat is imminent, you’re past the point of verbal de-escalation. This point requires action. Look around for avenues of escape — if you can escape safely, do it! If you cannot safely escape, you must assess whether or not it’s feasible to physically fight off the attacker...

If you get the sense that something isn’t right, listen to your gut. Intuition is a primitive survival mechanism. Don’t allow your brain to convince you that your gut feeling isn’t warranted! Get beyond a possible mentality of “it won’t happen to me.”

CL: If it comes to the point that an attack is unavoidable and you’re fighting back, remember that the best targets are the ones that can’t be strengthened with steroids. The face — the eyes in particular — and the groin are excellent targets, and a strike there doesn’t require a lot of force to be painful. You don’t even have to hit the eyes or the groin square on to get someone to back off — the body’s flinch response is built-in. As for the old saying that you should never hit a guy in the groin because it’ll just make them madder … it’s true, it will make them mad. It will also be really, really painful, so let them be mad and doubled over holding their junk while you get to safety.

The best thing that martial arts and combatives training can bring to a basic skillset is a better understanding of how to deal with and use adrenaline. Your adrenaline is triggered in assault situations — the fight-or-flight response becomes engaged, and when that happens a lot of fine motor skills go out the window. Gross motor movements are your best bet and practicing those skills under the effect of adrenaline is an excellent way to improve your chances of actually remembering how to protect yourself once the fight is on. It’s imperative to have a basic understanding of grappling and ground skills as well, given that all rapes take place at extremely close range. People don’t become rapists because they want to go toe-to-toe with someone — rape is a crime of power, revolving around being able to intimidate and control someone else. The harder it is to control you, the less inclined they’re going to be to try...

Click here to read the entire article at Off Grid.

In our area, there are many martial arts and firearms instructors. You can find women’s self-defense classes at the following locations, though there are probably many others:

Legacy Jiu Jitsu in Richland

Stealth Defense firearms training. Look for the women-only Pistol-Basic classes on the schedule if you are more comfortable learning in a women-only environment.

The Range in Yakima, women’s concealed carry


The Prepared Homestead: The Most Important Self-Defense Principle

Sean of The Prepared Homestead talks about the most important self-defense principle in this video.

This principle is foundational in the self defense world. It is more important than studying the martial arts, owning and training with a firearm etc… it is to avoid dangerous places and people. It’s so simple but will keep you clear of the vast majority of potential problems. In this video I cover a couple of key points regarding this principle like the Gift of Fear and situational awareness.